One of the biggest headaches faced by SEO professionals nowadays is the difficulty in reaching out to small businesses, and the lack of SEO knowledge of most small business owners.  These situations often lead to misunderstanding as business owners who have no idea how the process works always believe that SEO can yield immediate results, which is not the real case.

Common SEO Misconceptions

Most business owners, especially those ones who have no knowledge about online marketing, would immediately assume that SEO is all about the following:

  • A one- time process that once implemented is sure to work well with every aspect of the business.
  • Once implemented, it can immediately bring in results and increase profits.

These misconceptions are often the reasons why most small business owners are difficult to satisfy as they already have their own expectations which are based from incorrect information.

The Need to Educate

The increasing need to educate small business owners about SEO is something most search professionals are aware of.  This is to straighten out misconceptions and provide statistics and proofs why SEO is one of the most important online marketing strategies small businesses should utilize.

Understanding the basic process of optimizing websites can greatly help business owners know the difference between SEO, and yellow pages or traditional promotions (something that is very familiar to them).   This would also help them appreciate the real benefits and advantages search engine optimization can do to their website, business, and to the reputation of their company.

The Advantages of Understanding the Basic Concepts of SEO

Business owners who know how SEO process is done are capable of predicting estimated ROIs (Return of Investments).  They also have the ability to supervise how SEO campaigns are implemented, thus having a first-hand control of the direction of their business.

Another advantage is the capability to avoid being scammed by some search practitioners who take advantage of those small business owners who are not familiar with SEO.  Having a basic understanding on how search engine optimization works equipped business owners the skill to determine a scammer from an expert.

On the other hand, on the Search Engine Optimization professionals part, having prospect clients who know how website optimization works, provides them a stress-free and easier job in setting up campaigns, as the owner already have a clear picture why this or that is being implemented.

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