Google is surely not the pioneer in search engine industry.  There are lots of search engine websites before them and these search engine companies did make a cut and become popular.  But, their popularity and success is short-lived.  When Google enters the search engine arena, a sudden shift of momentum occurred as big G’s innovations and strategies wiped their competitors away from the lime light.  Since 1998 until now, Google has maintained their status as the biggest search engine website in the World Wide Web and the lead game changer in the industry.

Google’s influence is also very visible in the search engine optimization industry as SEO experts allotted much of their time analyzing and debating about Google SEO.

Google and Other Leading Search Engines

Before Google, there are three popular and big search engines already dominating the search industry.  They are the Lycos, Alta Vista, and Yahoo Search.  These search engine companies were fairly competing against each other, but their popularity decreases as Google slowly rises up and gain momentum.

Lycos is one of the pioneering web search engines that have been greatly affected by Google’s dominance.  On the other hand, the biggest and most established search company is Yahoo, but same with Lycos, a huge decline of traffic was experienced as more and more people prefer to use Google for search.  Same goes with Alta Vista.

Though these companies are still active until now, the biggest chunk of world-wide users are highly concentrated to Google.  Statistics show that in US alone, around 70% of their internet populations are Google users.

Why Searchers Love Google?

Google’s popularity is surely a product of hard-work and constant innovation.  The company doesn’t gain so much success just overnight.  They have spent and are spending much of their time determining what their customers want and constantly innovate their products and services to be one step ahead from their competitors and their counterparts.

Internet users love Google for three main reasons.  Google provides better search experience, it provides great business exposure, and it offers numerous innovative products and services that make our internet lives easier and manageable.

  •      Better Search Experience – Probably one of the biggest reasons why Google becomes very popular.  Google Search functions and capabilities surpass its user’s expectations.  The quality of search results is closely monitored by Google’s search quality team and regular algorithm updates are being performed to ensure that only high-quality results are returned in every search query.
  •      Great Business Exposure – As billions of search queries per day are being performed in Google, businesses who advertise their products and services through Google’s AdWords program gain more visibility and exposure.  This is the reason why AdWords became one of the most popular online advertising programs in the web.
  •      Innovative Products and Services – Aside from Search, Google has various innovative web-based products and services that are also popular and widely-used by internet users.  The most popular are Gmail, their free web-based emailing service; G+, their social networking website build to compete with Facebook; and YouTube, the most popular video community in the World Wide Web.  Other popular products include Google Maps, Blogger, and Chrome.

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