If you are a hands-on website owner who personally manages the optimization of your webpage, it is very important that you are equipped with the necessary tools to make your tasks easier and more convenient.  These tools are collectively known as extensions which can automatically be used if you are using Google Chrome as your browser.

Extensions are applications or plugins developed by web programmers to run in browser platforms.   For search engine optimization, there are specific extensions made solely to SEOs and webmasters to help them in analyzing and optimizing webpages.  As there are lots of extensions featured in the Chrome directory, we selected our top 5 extensions that are very useful (based from our experience) in analyzing a webpage’s popularity, links, status, and on page characteristics (which would take time to detect if done manually).

SEOquake (from seoquake.com)

This SEO extension is a toolbar that instantly displays the Google page rank, Alexa rank, total number of indexed pages, domain age, and the like of the webpage you visit.  This tool is very useful when it comes to conducting competitors’ research, and regular website authority and link.  You can download this extension here.

Mozbar (from seomoz.org)

Mozbar is by far one of the most favorite browser extensions of SEOs and webmasters alike.  Aside from providing users with a detailed on-page analysis, it also gives important information about a website’s page and root domain authority which are essential in looking for prospects during link-building campaigns.  You can download the extension here.

SEO for Chrome (from marketing abuse.com)

This is an all-in-one SEO extension provides detailed preview of a website’s back-links, traffic, and number of pages indexed in major search engines.  It also features important SEO capabilities like NoFollow/DoFollow link detection, Keyword analysis, page rank check, social media stats, and a lot more.  Download this plugin here.

SEO Site Tools (from cartercole.com)

This extension provides users more detailed preview of a webpage’s external data, page elements, basic social media statistics, server and domain info, and basic on-page optimization suggestions.  It also provides access to important SEO tools like browser size checker, page load speed tester, plagiarism checker, and keyword research analysis application.  You can download this extension here.

WebRank SEO (from webrankstats.com)

WebRank SEO is a useful browser extension that instantly provides basic and helpful information about a webpage’s rank status across multiple metrics, total number of pages indexed in major search engines, total number of back-links, socio-meter, and traffic graphs.  This tool is ideal for webmasters and SEO who conduct regular website evaluation both for their web properties and for their competitors’.  You can download this extension here.

If you are not using a Google Chrome browser, some or most of the extensions featured above can also be found in the Firefox add-ons library.  Extensions or add-ons listed in that directory are made specifically for the Mozilla/Firefox browser.

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