Search engine optimization is one of the general components of an effective website.   A website created with SEO in mind has an edge compared to those non-optimized ones.  Appearance, content, functionality, and usability are all major components of an effective webpage but all of these will be less effective without the 5th key element – SEO.

Why SEO Has Garnered So Much Importance in Business?

Search engine optimization garnered respect and importance in the online industry due to the fact that most internet users prefer to use search engines in looking for information on the web.  Most recent research reveals that 93% of online experiences begin with search engine.  This data is backed up by another study which shows that 82.6% of internet users are using search engines to look for products and services on the web.   Search also drove 25% of all online U.S. device purchases in 2010.  Also, the number of global searches conducted every month goes up to over 100 billion.

The statistics above are some of the proofs why it is essential for companies to optimize their websites for search engines.  As a multi-billion dollar industry, search will always be one of the web’s major players when it comes to technology and innovation.

SEO and Effective Website Development

An effective website is a well-optimized website.  Its appearance, content, functionality, and usability are greatly influenced by SEO.  A website developed with SEO in mind has higher probability of getting favorable results not only from search engines, but most especially from people whom it is primarily created for.

Search engine optimization, unlike social media, PPC, SEM, and other types of online marketing, can only be fully executed in two clusters of strategy, the onsite optimization and the off-site optimization.  Also, SEO promotes permission marketing, the process of advertising products and services without the shameless act of getting a target audience’s attention.

A well-implemented SEO is the backbone of most successful online businesses.  SEO’s vital role in giving startups the opportunity to compete against more established and bigger establishments is another major factor that separates it from other types of marketing and online promotion strategies.

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