To give strength to our online website visibility, SEO’s have been doing website optimization to draw qualified traffic. In the early days of  the web (Web 1.0 and 2.0), marketers were given to understand that if our content and the pages are structured well search engines would like it. This was besides the prudent use of other white hat SEO elements.

Web of today is taking a new turn. The web of today is Semantic Web. The semantic web demands paying more attention to the content which is more user targeted and could help the users to find the answers to their question.

What is the Semantic Web? Making Your Data Useful Rather than Just Structured (

Jennifer Kyrnin’s article publised on tells us that, instead of looking just at the structure, the Semantic Web is an attempt to look at the meaning of the data that is provided in the Web pages. Read full article here: /a/ aa022006.htm”

The turnaround of the web search was important to present the users with more purposeful and more authentic search results. This is not to say that what we were getting earlier was not useful, but the accurate data and enhanced learning was absent which often resulted in the web user’s frustration. The open data now could be sourced easier.

Beyond Rich Snippets: Semantic Web Technologies for Better SEO (

Aaron Bradley on March 7, 2013 gave us more insight on the semantic web through the article in which he says, the benefits of employing structured data and associated semantic web technologies extend past rich snippet generation, and that’s what I’ll be exploring here. To read more click here:”

Semantic web – the brainchild of the inventor of the World Wide Web is not only the huge reengineering of the web but it will now become a huge playing fields where people will starting to push more useful data that could be made available through the semantic search.

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