Know the rules for lawyer link building to avoid getting your law firm’s site penalized and  focus on your content strategy.

Dallas, TX – Achieving a successfullawyer marketing is not just about making a large amount of links that will link back to your law firm’s site. You need to know certain methods to gain links without being penalized by Google. But the very best approach for lawyer marketing is not trying to improve your site’s ranking and not to chase the never ending changes of Google algorithm but to be able to come up with a content strategy.

Creating your own content strategy will lead to increase traffic for your law firm’s site, thus increasing your chance of earning new clients. After your content strategy, you need to come up with ways on how to expose your linkable content to the public. Below are rules that can serve as your guidelines while building your law firm’s reputation.

Avoid making cheap links. Gone are the days of making a lot of links just for the sake of making one. Google is continually having updates and giving penalties to websites who have spam links. If you own one of these websites, you have a low chance of getting your law firm’s site rank. You need to make another new links with high quality to get your position back before it was affected by the changes of Google algorithm. You also need to manually remove all these spam links and ask for reconsideration for your site. The Google spam team will review your site again and will get to decide if your site would be allowed to come back again or not.

Stop link building and start link earning. You might be thinking that why won’t link building work for my site where in fact it worked for a lot of other lawyer sites. Well, you need to think again and consider these thoughts: these lawyers whose site have ranked number 1 a year ago, who used the same method might have spent a lot of money to be where they are right now but after the Google updates, they have unfortunately received penalties. Remember that once your site received Google penalties, it will take a lot of months before you can recover and be back in track.

Google encourages site owners to do things online similar to the things they do offline. That is to increase your own public relations. You can do this by making a quality content site. Think of a way on how to implement your content strategy and reach out to your target clients and let them know about your law firm and services. You can start by regularly adding a quality blogs to attract a lot of readers to leave their comments and share it to others. This can help you in gaining links that Google will consider.

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These are just some of the rules that can help you in terms of lawyer marketing.


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