A lot of SEO companies think of ways on how to effectively market a lawyer’s website. They commonly use short tail keywords when optimizing their site and less utilization for long tail keywords. But what they don’t know is that these long tail keywords can help their site more unlike that with short keywords.

According to Richard Jacobs of Speak Easy Marketing, Inc, “The way I did it is I started adding content to the site to go after every long-tail keyword I could find. You can go after themes. I did this and put the articles up on my site. What started happening is I saw in analytics that we started getting found for anything we put up on the site and we started getting more searches for over time.” Richard Jacobs had 400,000 visits to his site by the end of the year and have used around 330,000 diverse keywords that caused these visits. He was doing pay per click (PPC) and 80% of these clicks were all from long tail keywords.

“On your website you’ve got to have landing pages that have relevant content for a good quality score.” Richard suggested having landing pages for your PPC using different broad keywords that people might actually use when searching, and write worth reading articles about it, your business will surely increase its sales. Just remember to observe the query report and observe what people are using when searching or you can use a keyword tool to easily have the lists of the possible keywords that you can utilize.

After you have managed in listing your broad keywords, you can now proceed in writing articles. Keep doing this and surely you will achieve a better campaign. After having a lot of contents, your PPC will work better since number of your contents will match people’s search query. For a lawyer site, don’t just focus on the keywords that your site already have, but also consider relevant topics around these subjects that people will possibly use in searching. Place related articles and links on that page that might attract them to read more and for them to keep on navigating your site.

“There’s 2 ways to go about it. One is try to get more volume to your site and hope that you’ll convert enough to make money. The second is to make it more finely tuned so the people you’re getting convert at a higher rate. I’m not saying do one and don’t do the other. I’m saying do both.” Richard Jacobs

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