Lawyers have been using a lot of advertising medium starting from television ads, billboards, seo, social media marketing and many various online marketing strategies.   However, most attorneys have forgotten the benefits of email marketing.

With email marketing, lawyers need not invest large amount of money, time and effort in marketing their legal services. So if you’re just starting your own law firm, this is the best way to marketing strategy for you. You can begin by collecting email addresses every time a client comes in your law firm office. If you have enough budget, you can also invest some of it by placing an ad in newspaper with invitation to readers to ask questions by sending an email to your law firm or setting up an appointment. You can also use email marketing software that is program for email blasting which you can customize its settings to easily do your campaign.

For busy lawyers, email marketing can save a lot of time especially when it comes to reminding your clients for an upcoming court hearings, appointments, deadlines of document filing, etc. They can delegate this task to their office manager, paralegal or a part-time staff. It is an easy task so vigorous training is not required at all.

Email marketing can be a great way to connect with your clients and future clienteles. You can also be able to promote and build relationship between your past clients and your future prospect clients while showcasing your expertise in your chosen legal field. But you need to keep in mind that you need to have certain strategies to use in email marketing so that these emails won’t be transferred to thrash folders or be ignored by recipients.

You need to have an enticing headline that will surely spark your reader’s interest. Avoid weak subject lines and think of things that will make your clients be intrigued. You should avoid using capitalized letters for all your headlines as this comes off as shouting and avoid using exclamation points as possible. Choose your words carefully and create something that can awaken their curiosity but it should be both realistic and relevant to your topic. Read writing tip blog post here.


You should write emails that people can easily relate to. Don’t focus on being a lawyer or overstuffing your emails with legal words that majority might not understand because you will surely lose the interest of your readers. Focus on the people that you want to connect with and think of ways on how to kindle their emotions to make them motivated in reading and sharing your email content.

Avoid being obvious in trying to advertise your law firm. Concentrate on sending a high quality information and content in your email and once people will read and like the data you send them, then, eventually you won’t need to advertise your legal services in a point of selling them. Once you are able to spark your client’s interest and emotions, they will learn to trust you and come to you whenever they need to hire a lawyer. In some cases, they may even refer you to their relatives and friends which need your legal expertise.

Email marketing can help your law firm big time. But it needs to be thought and planned off with certain strategies to make it more effective and appealing to your clients.

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