For businesses that target local audience as potential customers for their products and services, the basic know-how in improving their websites to gain more visibility in search engine result pages through Local SEO is a must.  One of the most basic strategies to increase the effectiveness of your local search engine optimization is to make use of Google’s website listing service – the Google Places.

Google My Business is a free website listing service which aims to create a detailed database of places all over the globe.  It was launched in September 2009 to replace the now defunct Google Local Business Center.   Google specifically describes this service as “a webpage for every place in the world, organizing all the relevant information about it.”

Impact of Google Places to Local SEO

Google has released undeniable data about how people consume local information online.  The data reveals that ninety-seven percent of consumers search for local establishments or businesses online.    It also reveals that another seventy-three percent of all activities online is closely associated to local content and services.  These facts show how important local search engine optimization is for your business growth.  And, to keep you on the edge of the competition, employing the use of Google Places can actually boost your website’s ranking, thus giving your business more visibility in the local search.

Businesses listed in Google Places are prioritized by Google Search and are displayed at the very top of search engine result pages.  For example, if you have a flower shop business in Dallas, every time a person searches for “flower shop Dallas” Google prioritizes the listings of businesses on that locality, displaying all possible places and establishments that closely matched the query.

The Advantage of Google Places for Small Businesses

Employing the use of Google Places is very much recommended for start-ups and small businesses.  Even those companies who don’t have websites yet can register and get free online exposure.  Google Places only needs to verify your business details through a validation process which would enable your business listing to go live online.

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