The year 2014 had the non-profit industry reeling with awe when ALS Ice Bucket Challenge campaign went viral and accumulated a staggering $114 million in donation. This tremendous outpouring of support was mainly caused by influencers who helped amplified the effort.

According to Crowd Companies, the non-profit campaign got the participation of over 50 political figures, over 200 notable actors and actresses, over 200 athletes, and over 220 musicians.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a very successful campaign all non-profit PR pros should emulate. Given their utter success, what could have most non-profit PRs have done wrong that they haven’t get the exposure they want?

Lessons you can learn from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

What makes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge different from other non-profit campaigns is, it went viral organically. A few PR experts believe that if it has been done by a PR or marketing firm, it won’t get as much attention as it had garnered. But, this observation is lacking because the organic popularity got something to do with influential people picking it up.

Compared to other non-profit campaigns, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was disseminated in a very entertaining format. And, it also urges people to encourage their peers to do the same as well. Uploading videos and tagging friends in social media has never been that enjoyable more especially when it supports a great cause.

The major factor that drives millions of people to join the challenge is the participation of popular personalities such as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Justin Timberlake, and Jimmy Fallon. Creating a campaign that can appeal to the sensibility of popular people is definitely a must.

4 Must-Dos for Non-Profit PR Pros in 2015

In 2015 and the year onwards, non-profit public relations professionals should now have enough knowledge on how to run a successful PR campaign that cannot only mobilize but can also inspire people all around the globe to participate and take action. Below is a list of PR practices you should start doing to put your non-profit organization in the forefront of your donors/benefactors.

1. Be unique and original. Don’t be a copycat. Use your creativity and find a campaign strategy that has never been thought up before. Don’t be afraid to challenge the norms.

2. Incorporate multimedia and social media. People love user-generated content. You should leverage on this knowledge and build your campaign with this information in mind.

3. Create a campaign that can appeal to both the celebrities and the masses. The influencers play a very huge factor in disseminating all sorts of ideas and causes.

4. Use the power of social pressure by prodding people to encourage their friends that their participation can help a great cause.

Lastly, don’t just rely on tips and articles like this. Think outside the box or you can also think that there is none. What we mean is, always take initiative and be proactive. There’s no single strategy to gain more visibility and exposure. Good luck!