There have been many speculations and forecasts about lawyer marketing for the year 2015. Some of them are made by a number of experts in the legal industry. Among these experts is Larry Bodine from Law Practice Advisor. He provided his own predictions for legal marketing for this year.

According to Bodine, lawyer site is now considered essential element in terms of marketing. There was a research made that shows law firms can generate more new leads online. That is why having a law firm website is really a must for all lawyers in the legal world.

He also mentioned something about the intensification of a lot of review sites. Clients usually refer to review sites like Yelp, Google, Avvo, etc. before they buy anything or before they hire the service they need. Lawyers need to pay attention and to continually monitor for their reviews on these sites. They should also know how to handle both positive and negative reviews they have about their legal services and their law firm in general.

Bodine said that the best strategy for increased conversion rate and to be able to engage visitors is by offering them a free downloadable content wherein they will give out their details like their name, phone number, email address, etc. This tactic might be beneficial in enticing more potential clients.

He mentioned that lawyers must send visitors with an automatic newsletter either from their contacts on the firm mailing list or those who have opt-in. Lawyers can use Mailchimp since it has a plug-in that will automatically compose and send newsletter on the set date.

Bodine believed that to be able to generate leads, lawyers should have social proof. These potential clients spend and consume many hours on social networking sites like on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. These clients expect lawyer to be the same. Bodine said that clients want to see daily updates from lawyers and they want to see series of new posts.

These are the forecasts by Bodine regarding lawyer marketing for this year. Lawyers in the different legal fields can be able to utilize some strategies that were mentioned by Larry.

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By: Qamar Zaman. Dallas based SEO Expert who specializes in attorney marketing.

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About Larry Bodine

Larry Bodine, The Law Blog Guru, is a former practicing attorney who knows how to turn website visitors into clients for trial law firms. His team of experienced lawyers know how to turn online legal content into paying clients. Visit his website for great insight on lawyer marketing.

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