Lawyer PPC Expert Qamar Zaman Gives out some tips on how lawyers can use Pay-per-click without having to hire a team of marketing experts.

Attorneys in general strive to be on top among all their lawyer competitors. Some lawyers hire marketing team to manage their Pay- Per-Click strategy. But for some lawyers who have limited budget for this kind of marketing strategy, here are some tips you can use in doing Pay- Per- Click without having to spend a dollar for a marketing team.

In doing online marketing, you should utilize long tail keywords. These are longer keywords which consist of three to five words that are highly specific to what searchers use when searching for something online. Long tail keywords earns less traffic to law firm’s site but are considered higher quality traffic compared to that with normal keywords which means having higher conversion rate. With this fact, you can conclude that having these set of keyword will do good on your lawyer site so make sure that you have a balanced mix of both normal and long tail keywords.

When you are using AdWords, proximity targeting can help you save time when it comes to creating a marketing campaign for your lawyer site since it allows ads to target specific places that you prefer. You can set certain locations in your ads. You can save time using this useful tool since you won’t have to type locations each time you set your marketing campaign.

You can increase your online presence on Search Engine Results Page (SERP) by utilizing extensions. Extensions can help in improving your ad rank and it takes only a little time to set it up. It also allows your ads to feature information of your law firm like your office location, phone number, etc. Not only that, extension promotes social engagement which can help your law firm increase your online presence.

Use PPC software to be able to know which keywords to use for your law firm site. This software can also give you suggestions when it comes to your ads performance and for the editing of your ads. On the other hand, WordStream can help you ensure that your marketing campaign can provide you with a good impact even with a minimal time investment.

Continue to use SEO tools to help you boost your online presence. You can use tools like Moz, etc. This can also help you with your PPC campaigns for your law firm marketing.

You can choose to use all these tips to help you market your law firm site and boost your online presence using PPC independently.

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