10 Tips on How to Write an Email for Your Link Building Outreach

One of the things most webmasters hate every time they check their inbox is an unsolicited email containing a ridiculously composed message overpraising their website’s content which doesn’t make sense because everything in it is awkwardly worded without getting into details. The worst is, the whole email is jumbled with wrong grammar and spelling errors. The ending is, well you should have known already – the cold and unforgiving cell of the digital world’s trash bin.

How to Write an Effective Email for your Link Building Outreach?

If reaching out to webmasters and website owners is part of your link-building campaign, then the need to write an effective outreach email is quite important, not only to accumulate high quality links but also to build rapport to your peers in the industry and establish your reputation one email at a time.

Here are some tips on how you can create an outreach email webmasters and website owners won’t ignore.

1.) Only search for websites/blogs with content directly related to yours.

This is quite important because if you’ll send inquiry or requests to websites which content are not related to yours, then there’s really no chance your email will be entertained. Use search parameters that would help you expedite your search online. See samples below.

For guest posting – Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “write for us”
For site listing – Keyword + intitle:add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend article
For infographic promotion – industryName + inurl:infographics
For product reviews – ProductName + review + site:wordpress.com

2.) Once you got a prospect website, try to study their content and what specific topic you can offer that can bring value to their publication.

Check out the tone of their writings, the kind of multimedia they use, the topics they haven’t covered yet but you think can add value to their publication. This is the key on how to convince them that you mean business and have the capacity to add value to their website.

3.) Write an email subject that would let them know at first glance what your intention.

Capturing their interest is very important. A lot of webmasters would immediately delete an unsolicited email even before they open it purely base on how its subject is worded. Make sure that you have explicitly defined what your intention is and what you are offering in your subject.

4.) In the greeting portion of your email, always mention the first name of the website owner or the webmaster.

This is one of the most common mistakes done by marketers in their link building outreach. It is human nature that we connect more to those ones who call or mention our names. Sending an outreach email that only contain the generic greetings such as Hello, Hi, To Whom It May Concern and the like doesn’t work and would only decrease your chances of getting a positive feedback.

5.) In the body, honestly mention how you find their website, why you are sending them a request, and what value you can offer.

Of course, you should clearly mention your intent, how you found them, and the value of your proposition. Avoid using flowery words and just be truthful as possible. Let them know that you are capable of producing content which is at par with their standards. Maintain a semi-conversational and professional tone all throughout your email.

6.) At the end of your email, mention all the notable websites that featured your previous works or those ones that featured your link on it.

This can make or break their impression about you. Be sure that the link references you’ll mention are highly relevant and credible. Most webmasters are quite meticulous in evaluating references because they know that a lot of people online can create fake ones for fraud and scam purposes.

7.) End your email with a positive note such as like you are hoping to hear from them or you are looking forward to a positive response.

This would put a subtle pressure in your email to prod the reader to get back to you because you are waiting for their feedback. You have to keep on reminding the webmaster or website owner until the end of y our email why you are reaching out to him/her.

8.) Make sure your email signature contains credible information about you and your business.

This is also quite important. You have to leave a strong and credible impression to your email reader. Make sure you put all the relevant credentials and places where they can reach you, check more about your business, and where they can confirm your identity. Missing out this very crucial part of your email can make or break your outreach.

9.) Use the domain of your business website as your email address domain.

This is actually quite important if you are serious in branding your business through email outreach. Using a free hosted email is a sign that you are not coming from a serious business and can be one of the reasons your email message would be deleted at first glance. Thus, before you set out doing your link-building outreach, make sure you will be using the domain of your business website or your other official domain names as the domain of your email address.

10.) Proofread and edit your email to avoid grammar and spelling mistakes.

Of course, this is very necessary. Before sending your outreach email, always make sure that it is proofread and is free from any types of grammatical and spelling errors. You only have a slim chance of convincing your reader, thus any slight mistakes in grammar and spelling can determine if your email will be replied or will be ignored.


The first step to a successful link-building outreach relies heavily on how you write your email. The tips provided on this blogpost can help a lot in guiding you on how to create an outreach email that can easily capture the attention and interest of your prospects. Of course, you have to learn how to apply each tip and customize it depending on the goals of your link-building outreach. Also, don’t take this blog post at face-value. Read and research more. Good luck!

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