“Hype Free Marketing” creator Qamar Zaman releases a new interview with Dallas based business leader Chad Henry, discussing a popular Twitter marketing tool.

Dallas, Texas – A Dallas Texas-based drivers’ education company is crediting its success in finding new customers with use of a popular Twitter Marketing tool that assists users in searching for high potential prospects within their target area in real time. Drivers Education of America, an online drivers’ education provider, was recently interviewed by “Hype Free Marketing” brand creator Qamar Zaman about how the use of SocialCentiv has helped increase his company’s success.

“SocialCentiv opened my eyes about how we can truly connect to a potential customer,” says Chad Henry, President of Drivers Education of America, who talked about his surprise after taking a chance on the Social Centiv Twitter Marketing tool, which has reportedly helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their business since being introduced onto the market.

According to the Dallas businessman, his company had been searching for “the ultimate online marketing tool for simplifying the process of finding highly targeted customers in Twitter,” deeming the task of scanning millions of tweets to find prospects too tedious and unachievable prior to incorporating Social Centiv in their Twitter Marketing campaign.

“Wasting tons of time searching for potential customers on Twitter is the biggest problem in engaging your business in there.” Chad said in his testimonial interview. “Social Centiv helps us find customers within 15 minutes,” he added.

Chad also shared that the key reason his company was able to successfully acquire new customers using SocialCentiv is because it enabled them to effectively target highly relevant and geographically appropriate prospects, “the ones who really needed our service.”

“After using SocialCentiv, we managed to add 40 people a month to our service.” Chad shared in his success story, adding “In all businesses the secret to success is finding the right customer.”

How SocialCentiv Works?

Social Centiv has been described as a Twitter Marketing tool that helps business owners listen to and understand the needs of their target audience on the social network without requiring them to waste valuable time. It is designed to allow users to offer incentives in the form of promotions or discounts each time they find a highly potential prospect on Twitter in an effort to convert them into paying customers.

On the company’s website, SocialCentiv explains in detail how their twitter marketing tool works, stating “Your customers are on Twitter. We make reaching out to them easy, saving you time and helping you promote, educate, and gain awareness.”

The company further emphasizes that simplicity of use and effectiveness are the main advantages of their tool explaining, “The easy-to-use tool identifies consumers who Tweet their intent towards a product, service, or content related to your business. You can then present potential customers with a targeted, personalized incentive designed to influence their purchase decision.”

The Social Selling Trend

As explained by Zaman, what Chad does using the SocialCentiv tool can be categorized as Social Selling. According to statistics (http://www.triblio.com/social-selling-statistics), 72.6% of salespeople who use social selling as part of their sales process outperform their peers and exceede quota 23% more often.

Social Selling has become a social media marketing strategy widely embraced by marketers and business owners alike. Zaman notes that this is “because most potential customers or buyers prefer to buy a product or subscribe to a service from someone they know.” This notion is supported by statistics such as those presented in a survey (http://www.triblio.com/social-selling-statistics) that shows 92% of buyers say they delete emails or voicemail messages when they are from someone that they don’t know.

According to Chad, “the need to educate your target customers about what your business can bring to the table can be complemented by the help of social selling tools such as SocialCentiv.”

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