Tips in Keeping Up with Your Network Connections in LinkedIn using the Relationship Tab

If you have been using LinkedIn for quite a while but haven’t explored yet how you can leverage from its features that can help you track your network connections, then you are missing something really important.

When 1 out of 3 professionals ( in the planet has a LinkedIn profile, the need to build a network that can help you make sense of every people you’ve meet can be quite beneficial to your business in the long run.

Building and keeping track of your network connections are made easier by LinkedIn’s Relationship tab feature. If you are overwhelmed with the volume of people you need to communicate and connect with inside the professional network, this feature can help you organize and manage your relationships smoothly.

5 Helpful Features of LinkedIn’s Relationship Tab

To maximize the benefits of the Relationship tab, you need to be more familiar how each of its functionality can help you in organizing your network connections. Screenshots are lifted out from LinkedIn’s blog (

1. Notes


The very first function you will see after you click the Relationship tab (under your connection’s profile) is the Notes section. This function allows you to record or create an entry about your connection. Anything important that you need to take note about a particular contact should be inputted in there.

For example, if you are looking for employee prospects, you can record the specific skills of that contact that make him/her stand out among other candidates. Or, if it is a potential business partner, you can take note your first impression when you checked the profile of this person. Anything that can help you draw a better picture on how you can create a beneficial relationship with you contact should be in there.

2. Reminders


Managing a business and at the same time trying to build a network of connections through LinkedIn can be very time consuming especially if you are a hands-on entrepreneur. The Reminder sub-tab is a very powerful functionality that can help you keep up to date with important events that you need to accomplish for each of your contact.

For example, you can schedule a reminder that you need to follow-up a prospect every week. Recurring reminders for monthly meeting schedules, seminars, or even birthdays and anniversaries can be set-up in a breeze.

3. How You Met

How You Met

This feature is very important especially if you have a large network of connections. If you meet through a networking event or if someone introduced the person to you, it’s practical to note it so that you won’t get confused or forget the next time you’ll meet. This can also help you build more sincere relationships with industry personalities who may play important roles in your business in the future.

4. Tags


LinkedIn calls this one as the most important functionality inside the Relationship tab. It mainly organizes your contacts into categories so that you can check them out easily. Every time you connect with new contacts, use the Tags feature to put them in a category that describes who they are or what they do. Of course, you can put each contact in two or more categories.

5. Messages


All conversations you had with your connections can be found in the Relationship tab. This helps you to have easy access on what you and your connections have been talking about. You just need to click the subjects of the conversations to view the details of the messages.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is definitely the number one social networking site for professionals. Utilizing the full potentials of its social media tools can definitely boost your productivity when it comes to building your reputation and relationships within your network. The Relationship tab is one powerful feature every serious entrepreneur should utilize to effectively connect with their contacts inside the network.

How about you? Have you tried using the Relationship tab to better connect with your LinkedIn contacts? How was it? Share your experiences by commenting below.

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