With the renewed Twitter Google relationship local businesses that indulge in internet marketing can get SEO benefit as their tweets could show up in the Google search results.

Just when web marketing was becoming more tedious and when SEO was becoming more difficult Google renewed its partnership with Twitter pumping in more life to the Google search results. Now twitter marketing using Tweets will find prominent space in the search results. Could be good news for small business owners who try to push the sales up through local internet marketing. Read my previous blog on Twitter engagement for better seo

Beginning with the tweets showing up in the mobile search results and now for the desktops Google searches, too, Google passes the message to the users to Tweet, but Tweet carefully. While relevance would be a measuring tool, being natural, more realistic and more thoughtful about using the long tail ends and phrases naturally, as the semantics would remain in play, hence the Google search results could become more helpful. Laura Donovan says:

Tweets May Outrank SEO Efforts by Laura Donovan

While this introduces a new level of search capabilities it has not been “game-changing.”


Deriving SEO juice out of tweets would be tactical, online marketing companies and small business owners would have to play their online marketing game right.

How would Google be doing this, is still a mystery. The twitter activity of a particular business, retweets, number of blogs, websites, social networks pointing towards your Twitter account. As this gives strength to a particular company’s or a particular person’s Twitter account, chances are that such Twitter account and its Tweets might get indexed fast by Google and hence, the gift, ranking on the Google search results. Leading SEO expert Eric Enge weighs in by saying:

How Does Google Index Tweets Today? How the New Twitter Deal Will Impact SEO

Eric Enge says in his post ” which Tweet Google places the most value on, and hence help you understand how you can position yourself to derive SEO benefit from this change in the marketing landscape.”

https://www.stonetemple.com/how-does-google-index-tweets-today-how-the-new-twitter-deal-will-impact-seo/ by Eric Enge

For internet marketers who would opt to take the opportunity of Google Twitter marriage in terms of SEO impact and ranking in relevant searches the correct steps for online visibility are yet clearly outlined.

In the Twitter’s world where searches took influence of the hashtag, would Google go beyond the hashtag search? Would retweeting influencers and celebrity tweets help in creating the SEO impact on the business entities profile in terms of ranking and visibility on the relevant Google search results page.

Twitter Search Integration on Google: Should Tweets be SEO friendly?

Lisa Braziel in her article addresses typical issues regarding the Twitter and Google new relationship, she says “The natural question you may be asking is how does Google choose which Tweets to serve?”


Hence opportunity exists for small business online marketing with the Twitter becoming more friendly with Google. While the Google and Twitter unison is in the best interest of the companies themselves, at the same time, businesses whether large or small, global or local can make the best out of the prudent SEO practices that they had learned and hence earn their presence on the search engine.

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