Imagine having a very capable assistant that can help you out in simplifying your day to day tasks and can provide you accurate legal information in an instant.  And, take note, it doesn’t get tired and can work for you 24/7.

Meet robot lawyer Ross, a Watson-powered artificial intelligence specifically built from IBM’s cognitive computer.  Ross has the capability to process billions of text documents per second, thus giving you the fastest turnout when doing legal research.  Here are the rest of impressive tasks that it can do.  We lift this off from Ross Intelligence website.

  • Provide you a highly relevant answer, not 1000s of results, to your question posed in natural language, not keywords.
  • Monitor the law for changes that can positively/negatively affect your case, instead of flooding you with legal news.
  • Learn the more you and other lawyers use it.
  • Offer a simple, consistent experience across all your devices and form factors.

With this set of remarkable features, you might be thinking right now to get one for your law firm.

The World’s First Robot Lawyer

Ross, according to, is the world’s first robot lawyer.  Just recently, a global law firm announced that they hired one to handle their bankruptcy research tasks.  Ross Intelligence, the developer behind this innovation, said that there are already other law firms that signed licenses with Ross and the public can expect more news about the AI being used in other law fields.

Is Your Law Firm Techie Enough?

If you think a robot lawyer can bring more advantages to your law firm, then this prospect of getting one might be very enticing.  But, you should consider as well if the benefits can outweigh the cost and if your associates are techie enough to approve of this new addition to your legal family.

The arrival of a new “colleague”, especially a robot can be seen as a threat to the positions of its co-workers and might also become a source of insecurity among non-techie staff within the firm.  But, this is not possible if you have people who are progressive thinkers, client-oriented, and well-informed of the benefits of an AI both to the efficiency of their work and to the satisfaction of their clients.

Are Robot Lawyers the Future of Legal Research?

It is yet to be seen if this innovation can bring greater impact to the legal industry.  Since it is still in its infancy, there are still more rooms to observe and study.  How about you? Are you and your law firm ready to welcome an AI as one of your colleagues?