SEO and Content MarketingCapturing the interest of your target audience and gaining advantage from your competitors in organic search need a dynamic internet marketing strategy.  This can be done if you incorporate SEO into your Content Marketing.

“Think of SEO this way: If a customer-focused content marketing program is the sandwich, then SEO is the mayonnaise. It touches nearly everything and enhances the overall flavor of the sandwich, but on its own, it’s not very appetizing.”| Michele Linn – Content Marketing Institute

Although producing content doesn’t require much technical skills compared to running an SEO campaign, the need to incorporate these two strategies is crucial if you want to achieve your digital marketing goals.

In order to achieve your marketing goals, you should know how to use Content Marketing and SEO together.

How? You will learn this in the later part of the article, but first, you must understand why content marketing is a very crucial part in internet marketing especially for small businesses.

5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Content Marketing

“Constantly clamoring to grab the attention of prospective customers, small businesses are competing with a lot of noise. Consumers are cutting through clutter by fast-forwarding television shows, subscribing to ad-free digital radio, installing ad-blockers to browse their favorite websites sans-ads and customizing what’s in their social media feeds.

To avoid getting skipped over or ignored, savvy digital marketers must craft messages that their target audience wants to see. When small businesses communicate with their customers by providing information instead of offering a sales pitch, the consumer will listen. The message and the brand is no longer an interruption, but a valued information provider.

There’s a name for this tricky tactic — it’s called content marketing. Content marketing means consistently creating and distributing information that is valuable and relevant to those people within a small business’s target audience. Ultimately, the goal is for your content to entice a consumer to do business with your company.

But, what’s the use of your content if your target audience can’t even find them? These days majority of internet users use search engines to find information about the products, services, and other things they want to know more about.  If you are not visible in search, then you are losing a big chunk of traffic to your competitors.

SEO helps you gain more visibility in organic searches.  This increases the chances of getting more leads and ultimately, getting more conversions.

Why SEO Is Actually All About Content Marketing

“There’s a bit of confusion over SEO and content marketing. The confusion comes over how SEO and content marketing fit together. Do they fit together? Are they at odds with each other? If so, is it possible to force them together?

In a previous post, I explained why SEO and content marketing are like PB&J. They go together. They just fit. They work well together.

Now, I want to share exactly why that is — why SEO is actually all about content marketing, and vice versa.

Before I share the why of this article, let me be clear about the what — the problem I’m addressing.

The Problem: SEO and content marketing are not integrated.

The crux of the problem is that SEO and content marketing are separated, as if they were two very different things. The truth is, however, that they go together, overlap, cohere, blend.”

Some people think that content marketing eliminates the need for SEO.

The truth is, SEO and Content Marketing work hand in hand with each other.  SEO cannot function without content and content cannot gain wider visibility without SEO.

SEO Is More Than Just Traffic, Conversions & Revenue

There are 4 key elements to an SEO plan developed around a content marketing strategy:


  • Find out what people want and give it to them.
  • Use retargeting lists to communicate with them, even after they leave your site.
  • Make special price offers on your product or service if prospects act now.
  • Evolve a smart content marketing plan to build content that pulls in your target customers.


If you look carefully, there’s nothing there which is “click/traffic” focused. All those tactical SEO elements exist, but grow really powerful when integrated into a bigger plan.

Source: Search Engine Land

We should think of SEO and content as pieces of jigsaw puzzle that fit well together. When integrated well, these two become a powerful tool that can help propel your business to the top.

There’s No SEO Without Content |

Graham Charlton tells us more about how content and SEO are interrelated in his article:

8 Ways Content Marketing and SEO Can Work Together

How Content and SEO Can Work Together

There is a school of thought, or at least the perception exists in some quarters, that SEO is merely about creating good content for the search engines to index.

While I’m all for the quality content part, there’s more to it than that. If you haven’t ensured that the on-site SEO groundwork has been done, your content efforts will be wasted.

For example, if your site has a penalty, or Google isn’t indexing pages properly, then you’re going to need some SEO expertise, great content or not. This is why the SEO experts and content teams need to work together. As the stats below show, this isn’t necessarily happening all the time, but there is a desire for closer collaboration.


It is very important that early on in your internet marketing campaign, you already know the crucial roles played by content and SEO in your overall marketing plan.  Integrating them together and incorporating them as a unit can help you in achieving your business goals.

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