Lawyer SEO and Digital Asset Marketing Studio Explains Why Law Firm Websites Need to Focus on Local SEO

Dallas digital marketing company discusses the importance of local SEO for law firms.

The Dallas-based Lawyer SEO and digital asset marketing company for attorneys, OneSEOCompany, works with law firms to market successfully and generate quality leads. One of the main marketing focuses for law firm websites is utilizing local search engine optimization (SEO) to gain more site traffic and potential clients.

What Is Local SEO?

You’ve likely heard of search engine optimization – it’s the practice of doing what you can to get your website as high up on the search engine results page as possible. Landing on the first page of results isn’t accidental, it takes intentional effort to find your law firm’s website, and by extension, your firm, within the first few results, and there are many competitors who want to do the same.

Landing on the first page of search results is essential to catching the attention of potential clients. There are people who are right now looking for the legal services that you provide. However, studies show that most people never click farther than the first page of results to find what they are looking for. If you want to reach them, you have to be on the first page.

Local SEO is a bit different than normal SEO. It is about getting your website on the first page of results for a specific location (your city or state). For example, the links you find when you search for “law firms Dallas” have been optimized for local searches.

Why is Local SEO Important for Law Firms?

Local SEO is important for businesses that have physical locations, including law firms. Since your target prospects are not from random locations, the keywords they use in looking for legal services commonly include the place of your practice and the type of service they want to avail. Local optimization makes it possible for your prospects to find you.

Additionally, when Internet users search for a law firm online, they usually want to make contact immediately. They’re not going to spend an hour searching through hundreds of listings to find your contact information that’s nestled somewhere on page seven. They’ll likely go with one of the first few listings on the first page. That means that you have to get on the first page of search results to get more traffic, which will lead to more clients.

Let the Experts at OneSEOCompany Help Your Law Firm with Local SEO  

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