When social networking giant, Facebook, altered its newsfeed algorithm by demoting posts from business pages and prioritized posts from family and friends, many marketers worried that it would become the start of social media’s slow demise as an important factor that help boost search engine optimization.

But, in reality this is far from the truth.  Despite the demotion of business pages from the newsfeed, it doesn’t mean that you cannot promote your website or content on Facebook anymore.  Here are the reasons why.

Your Link Can Still Be Shared By Ordinary Users in Facebook

Facebook is telling us that the most powerful users in their community are the ordinary ones.  If your content is really good and your readers feel that they need to be shared, they will be the one who would share it and will even ask their friends and families to share it on their walls.

That’s how powerful your content should be.  This is why it is important to incorporate a serious content marketing effort into your digital marketing strategy.  With your page being demoted in priority on the newsfeed, it is still possible to gain referral traffic and boost your SEO by simply publishing high quality, informative, and engaging articles.

You Can Ask Your Followers to “See First” Your Page

Of course, there’s a way around the newsfeed algorithm wherein your avid followers can still see your post regularly.  You only need to ask them to change the priority setting of your page on their newsfeed into “See First”.

When your page is on “See First” setting, your followers can automatically see your post every time you have a new update.  Problem solved.

You Can Utilize the Power of Groups in Promoting Your Links

A lot of business pages are not aware that posts in Facebook groups are given importance on the newsfeed.

It’s highly recommended that while you still keep sharing your content on your page, you also need to create a group wherein you can invite your followers to further discuss their needs or complaints.

Having a group is also quite beneficial not only for your brand but for your customers and prospects as well.  You can create content that can help them solve their problems and share them in the group to initiate in depth discussions.

You Can Use Facebook’s Powerful Ad Platform

Finally, currently the goldmine of Facebook but could probably become yours too if you know how to use it.  Advertising in Facebook can be very helpful more especially if you are a startup and don’t have a fan base yet.

You can run an ad campaign that fits your budget and you have the option to target specific people geographically by using their geo-targeting filters.  It’s up to you how much you want to spend in running your ads.

If you have very limited budget, you can adjust your options so that you won’t be out of budget.

You Can Still Boost Your SEO with Facebook

According to Qamar Zaman, CEO of KISS PR, in his 2018 SEO forecast, despite the fact that there’s no official statement from Google about the validity of the claim about social media’s role in search engine optimization, he quipped that there are many evidences that show that those websites with higher social engagement performs better in search rankings compared to those that have less.

Facebook’s role in boosting your reputation can help a lot especially if you are using your own profile page to reach out to your target audience.  This doesn’t only improve your credibility but also helps you gain trust and build direct relationship with your prospects and customers.