More than 1.3 billion use Facebook Messenger regularly. This is more than the total combined user base of Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Despite the attention often given to social media platforms by marketing departments, there are still many businesses that have no idea what Messenger marketing is.

According to several studies, less than 1% of brands use Messenger for marketing their business to their target audience. Facebook Messenger allows you to use Chatbots, which can simulate human conversations. Chatbots are computer programs which can be programmed to answer users query or to deliver a specific message. Check out this video to learn more on how Chatbots work.

Benefits of Messenger Marketing

Messenger marketing largely relies on almost unlimited capabilities of Chatbots. Customers use Chatbots to schedule appointments, download content, ask questions, check order statuses, purchase tickets, receive real-time updates from your business, and a lot more. It’s your round the clock secretary that never gets tired of answering inquiries.

Many businesses have used Chatbots to automate several of their business processes, which then frees up human and financial resources, significantly reducing the burden on the brand. Although many have reported success after using it, there are still so many who don’t know how to leverage from it.

Tips for Messenger Marketing

Automate your customer service

“Most consumers try to contact a brand via Facebook, and this makes Facebook Messenger the ideal customer service platform. You can use Chatbots to automate your customer service to a large extent. Messenger bots can automatically respond to user queries, and you can create canned responses to common queries using Facebook’s Smart Replies feature, Says Qamar Zaman a digital marketing consultant at 

Once you have all these setup, your 24/7 customer service is on the roll…non-stop. This is the beauty of AI. Imagine all the opportunities you can get by having a tool that can immediately respond to your customers and prospects.

Deliver the content via Drip campaigns

Facebook allows you to automatically deliver content to a subscriber, once he has opted-in to your bot although there are specific rules concerning the frequency and type of content which can be delivered. You will do just fine if you avoid delivering too much promotional content and focus on user-friendly content which answers the problems or needs of your subscribers.

This is a great alternative to email marketing as you can now easily deliver regular content updates to your subscribers on Facebook. It makes content marketing easier.

Recover Abandoned Carts

You can use Messenger’s “Send to Messenger” plugin to send Facebook messages to customers who have abandoned their carts before checking out on your website. Although, you’ll need to opt-in your website visitors for using this function.

It’s not difficult to opt-in your site visitors as many software providers allow you to opt-in your website visitors with a single click. This can help you in retargeting again high-quality prospects that are more likely to become paying customers.

Use Conversational Copy

You must keep your automated chatbot responses as human as possible and avoid using copy which may appear to be mechanical or emotionless. It’s a good idea to draft your automatic messenger messages in a conversational tone as this will keep your audience engaged with your brand.

Humanizing the tone of your canned messages should be given importance because this can affect how a prospect or customer responds to your copy. To make sure you are doing it right, you can test a few canned messages and find out which one got better responses.


FB Messenger marketing is one of the most effective and least explored digital marketing mediums. Businesses have reported open rates of up to 80% and click-through rates of up to 60% for messages delivered via Facebook Messenger.

These figures are enough to explain why you need to use Messenger marketing as double-digital CTR is a dream for most marketers who are accustomed to 1%-2% CTR or paid ads and other marketing methods such as email marketing.If you think Messenger marketing is quite alien to you, and you need help how to get started, don’t hesitate to get the help of the Digital Marketing Experts at KISS PR. They’ve been helping entrepreneurs for almost 2 decades now in growing their business through cost-effective marketing strategies that fit their budget. Call them at 972-437-8942 or send them as message by contacting Qamar Zaman’s team of digital marketing experts at KISS PR.