Millennials are now the largest generation alive in the United States. They recently passed the baby boomers generation, and constitute the largest segment of the U.S. labor force.

This new development is quite crucial for both large and small businesses alike as millennials and Gen Z, who were typically born from the mid-1990s to early 2000s, differ significantly from earlier generations in terms of education, spending habits and lifestyles.

A recent survey conducted by Vistaprint showed that Millennials and Gen Z are more likely to buy from small businesses as they are serious about making an impact in society and see shopping from small businesses as a kind of activism.

Almost 61% of millennials expect to shop more with small businesses in 2019, and 45% of them would spend more on a product or service if it meant they were supporting a small business.

From these results, it’s easy to conclude that small businesses can gain tremendously by attracting Gen Z and Millennial customers.

Knowing all this, it’s important to build a strong brand to attract Gen Z and Millennial customers. In this article, we will discuss a few ways for businesses to create attractive brands that tap into this vast market segment and demographic.

Design a Unified Brand Identity

A brand is known by its identity, which is also known as brand identity. Many people confuse brand identity with the logo of a brand. A logo is an essential part of a brand identity, but it is often mistaken as the whole brand identity, which is not accurate.

A brand’s identity mainly includes all of the visible elements of a brand, which allows a consumer to distinguish it from similar brands.

To attract Millennial customers, you need to create a unified brand identity. Usually, colors and design, along with an epic logo constitute a brand’s identity. A unified brand identity means that the same type of design and colors are used on all of the marketing, branding, and promotional materials including business cards, letterheads, websites, brochures, packaging materials and more.

Discover Your Brand’s Voice

Companies also need to discover their brand’s voice. Most of us, at least on a subconscious level, are aware of the brand voice for various brands such as Nike, which is known for sports and adventure, while Apple, on the other hand, is identified with innovation and technology.

Well-established brands know their customers, their business’s core values, their brand’s personality, and then adopt a tone that can easily be remembered by their target audience.

It’s important to think about who your customers are and what tone of voice you will use to establish your brand as trustworthy and credible in their eyes. Once you discover your brand’s voice, make sure and use it consistently whenever you communicate with your prospects, customers, and the public in general.

Tell Your Brand’s Unique Story

Almost all successful brands are aware of the power of storytelling and have harnessed it by telling their own story to their customers.

Telling your brand’s story in a way resonates with your intended audience is a key component of a successful company. A brand’s story doesn’t have to be complicated or emotional. Tell your customers, for example, about the problems your company faced during the initial phase of your business or what motivated you to start the business in the first place.

Stories should inspire your target audience and touch them emotionally. Emotion responses are one factor that can boost higher brand recall.


Building a brand that attracts Gen Z and Millennial customers is not as difficult as it sounds. All you need is a bit of research, brainstorming, hard work and patience. Of course, above all of these is consistency.If you are reading this and are not sure how to get started building your brand, don’t hesitate to get the help of KISS PR’s team of Brand Experts. They’ve been helping entrepreneurs for more than 15 years to grow their business through brand building. Contact them by calling 972-437-8942 or fill out this contact form to request a free consultation.