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Accelerate Mobile Traffic by Qamar Zaman

What is Accelerate Mobile Traffic with Accelerated Mobile Page – SEO Expert Qamar Zaman Explains

Learning technical SEO isn’t easy. But if you understand SEO’s basic principles, you will better handle your website performance. 

SEO Expert explains AMP in his detailed resource that covers how business owners can take advantage of accelerated mobile traffic by using AMP Pages. 

The free resource which is available for a full read on his blog covers: 

  • How the huge increase in usage of mobile devices make it necessary for businesses to start thinking about AMP pages. 
  • How not having an AMP page will create a loss of visitors
  • How accelerated mobile pages can help How to increase page speed by using AMP Why AMP is a great way fo future
  • How to create your AMP HTML pages
  • Accelerated mobile pages vs responsive web design
Qamar Zaman Accelerated Mobile Pages Guide
Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages

Business benefits of accelerated mobile pages

The full resource is here: https://kisspr.com/accelerate-mobile-traffic-with-accelerated-mobile-pages

After reading the full resource, if you need further help with accelerated mobile pages, you can contact KISS PR here.

Zaman and his team will help you improve the usability of your website and help improve your search engine optimization (SEO). 

About Qamar Zaman 

Qamar Zaman is an American Entrepreneur, technologist and founder of KISS PR Story, an online brand storytelling platform using large wire press releases for brand amplification.

Qamar has been featured in major news media like Forbes India,  Entrepreneur, Chamber of Commerce to name a few.  He is a Forbes Agency Council.  Learn more about Qamar Zaman https://www.qamarzaman.us 

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