What additional Twitter features would you pay to enhance your in-app experience?

Last July, Twitter sent a recording to some users who have asked this exact question, along with a range of potential paid tools it may offer, and since then the platform has developed its new set of subscriber options in line with the answers.

Which may soon lead to the next phase – according to a new finding by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter will soon want to start ‘Twitter Blue‘, which allows users to pay a fee of $ 2.99 per month to access a range of these following features on Twitter.

As you can see in this screenshot, shared by Wong, Twitter Blue offers access to new tools such as Bookmarks Collections, which allows users to categorize their stored tweets in topic directories, while Wong also notes that it gives users access to a ‘get rid of tweets‘option that allows users to withdraw their tweets after a certain period of time after posting.

This is not exactly tweet editing, but an additional option to re-check and correct tweet errors.

Would it be worth $ 3 a month?

This may not be the only option – Wong also notes that:

Twitter is also working on a joint subscription pricing model, with one level having more paid features than the other. For example, users at higher prices can enjoy premium experiences, such as junk-free news-reading experience (Twitter recently acquired Scroll). “

Browse, which Twitter obtained earlier this month, provides a service that enables users to pay a single subscription fee for Scroll, which is then applied to every article they read from partner sites, enabling users to avoid paywalls, and place ads in the content removed, without subscribing to each publication. individually. Scroll will then transfer the applicable fees from your Scroll subscription to the relevant websites based on your activity.

Wong’s prediction is that it would be incorporated into a different level – for example ‘Twitter Red’ or ‘Twitter Green’, each with a different level of access to these features.

So, what other kinds of features can be offered to attract these new tweet subscriptions?

As noted, Twitter sent out a survey in July last year calling for user feedback on potential subscriber options.

Possible additions include:

  • Undo send – An option to retrieve your sent tweets within a 30-second window
  • Custom color options – New ways to customize your Twitter profile listing
  • Advanced video publishing tools – The ability to post significantly longer videos in your tweets
  • Profile badges – A profile badge that links to your business / employer
  • Automatic answers – The ability to add auto-response options to use in your tweet replies
  • Social listening – Learn more about your tweet engagement and discussion around your Twitter handle
  • Trademarks – An option to conduct surveys on your Twitter ads to get more feedback
  • Custom stickers and hat brands – The ability to create custom stickers and hashflag emoji-linked hashtags
  • Job Advertisements – Optional Ads for Job Advertisements
  • Manager’s role management – New options to define how staff / contractors can manage your Twitter account
  • Insights into other accounts – More analytics options, including the ability to see all your past responses with any account
  • Educational resources – Access to more Twitter training courses and tools

If so, it looks like an alternative ‘Twitter Red’ subscriber level could focus on professional use, with more tools to help social media marketers better manage their tweet activity, including additional insights into performance and new customer feedback tools.

What the additional investment might be worth while paying for an on-profile badges account, or even trading account instruments, could be another factor.

Twitter shared a preview of the recent business badges and tools developed for businesses, as it sought further feedback from potential brand users on which to focus.

Twitter Business Profiles

It can also create new, variable display options in business profiles for products, applications, etc. Include.

Twitter Business Profiles

This is interesting and will add a series of new considerations to your tweet connection and promotion options, while Twitter also develops new e-commerce tools on the platform, which can add another valuable tool to the mix.

But what if these tools are not made available for free? What if Twitter finally makes it available, but if a business wants to use it, for example, they have to pay $ 5 a month for ‘Twitter Red’ (or whatever color it may be)?

Would you pay?

Even if you would not do it, I recommend that at least a percentage of business users would do it, and also with Twitter reopening profile verification, probably next week, it looks like all the elements are in line.

While many people, blushing at first, will instinctively clash over the idea of ​​paying for these new Twitter features, mocking the suggestion that someone give Twitter money for it, it could eventually become a big winner for the platform.

Imagine the millions of businesses that are currently active on Twitter. Twitter does not currently offer business profiles, so we can only guess at this figure, but as a comparison, more than 200 million businesses are currently active on Facebook.

Suppose half of the brands are also active on Twitter (100m), and that 20% of them might pay $ 5 a month extra for these new additional business tools. As a result, $ 100 million a month will be more in the coffers of Twitter, or $ 300 million a quarter. That equates to a 33% increase in Twitter’s revenue rate, all at once.

This does not seem to be the case – although Twitter Blue may not be a big hit for individual users, it may not be necessary. Perhaps the bigger element is the extensive business tools and additional offerings that Twitter can build into its added subscribers.

Even within that consideration, some people are going to pay $ 3 for some extra Twitter tools – even if it’s only 1% of Twitter’s current user base it will be an additional $ 6 million per month (+ $ 18 million per quarter) for the company.

Yes, it may seem a bit off-putting to expect people to pay for some extra tweet features, but you might miss the bigger picture. We do not have enough to go on at this point, and Twitter remains silent for the time being. But the full scope of this launch may be far more important and valuable than we can currently see.

We will keep you informed of any progress.

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