Yes, it may be already behind the times, and yes, with more audio social platforms being launched, the competition for the app is increasing.

But Clubhouse still has a strong growth opportunity, which he now wants to maximize with a broader Android implementation during the next week.

As outlined in this tweet, stemming from the app’s latest town hall meeting, Clubhouse aims to be fully accessible on Android by the end of the week, opening the app to many more users.

Well, at least theoretically.

Clubhouse, the app, will be made available on all Android devices, but it will still be done only accessible via an invitation process. Although, technically enough, millions of people still have access to the platform, only those invited will actually be able to sign up.

So yes, more access, but not completely open. At least not yet.

Clubhouse’s only inviting approach was the biggest strength and biggest weakness in that it sparked a level of exclusivity, and a bit of FOMO around the app, which increased overall interest. But it also became a crutch, especially as Twitter did accelerates growth of his own clubhouse-like Spaces instrument.

With Spaces now available to all Twitter users with more than 600 followers, on iOS and Android, Clubhouse’s thunder is somewhat stolen as Android users and those on iOS become more accustomed to setting up soundrooms in an app who they already know, and are all able to access it without needing a specific invitation.

This may be what Clubhouse’s saw download numbers slowly, which is now expected to get a boost as Android users take on the fight.

But still it seems that Twitter has somewhat dampened the app’s momentum – while Facebook has just launched the first phase of live testing for its sound house-like sound-social options.

While it is clearly positive that Clubhouse is reaching out to more users, it is difficult to gauge its potential consequences and benefits.

Will Clubhouse see a surge now that Android users can sign up – or will the invitation for the invitation only hurt profits, and the number of the app will remain flat as more users align with other social audio tools in the app?

It’s too early to write off Clubhouse completely, but the challenge before it increases – and it should probably speed up access for users to keep up with the competition.

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