Pandemic has maximized opportunities to work remotely. Along with that, it also expanded the idea of ​​outsourcing services to get the most benefits. Currently, various countries such as India, China and the Philippines are a hub for outsourcing key IT services.

64% of outsourced services are related to software development

As different businesses are tightly packed in Western Europe and North American cities, the cost of doing business is always rising and the competition is fierce. Foreign development services have inevitably risen as a solution for Western enterprises seeking tailor-made solutions.

Today, India was at the top of the list of the best companies offering software development services remotely. I totally believe that cost effectiveness is the main reason. But other than that, there are many more factors that contribute to the Indian Offshoring services. Organizations can certainly conquer the wave of digital transformation and achieve technical advances with the support of Indian experts.

Before going any further into the reasons why Global Brands prefers Indian talent for overseas development, share with me the interesting statistics:

  • According to Capital Counselor, the global IT outsourcing market will be worth $ 397.6 billion by 2025.
  • 57% of outsourced companies work to increase productivity, according to What to Become.
  • Also, as What to Become says, more than 14 million jobs are outsourced in the US.
  • Fortunately, 78% of businesses around the world are positive about their outsourcing partners.

What are foreign development services?

My simple definition of a foreign development center is that it is an integrated, extensive and dedicated office in another country. It is specifically a branch or a subsidiary of a company that exists in another country. In general, businesses prefer a country where the cost of living is significantly lower compared to their country of birth.

The main reason behind it Foreign development Services are that businesses can get the same skills and high quality work at a much lower rate that directly contributes to increasing profits.

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of Asia, has become a technological hub to find and recruit the best software development engineers. Several IT giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft and SAP are already setting up their R&D centers in Bangalore!

Why do world brands prefer Indian talent?

Today, India has managed to outperform all other countries like China, Philippines, Ireland, and so on, and boast as the leading offshoring port. Moving to software development services is a big decision and should be a complete understanding, but the benefits are huge. Let me share some of the key reasons why companies select Indian talent around the world.

Low cost

The main reason for outsourcing (70%) is the reduction in costs

Most software companies are located in extremely expensive cities. Therefore, the cost of living also increases. On average, a decent developer will cost about $ 60-150 per hour and employers should also look for employee-centric benefits like health insurance and travel. If a business chooses a recruiting agency, they have to pay an extra amount.

The cost of living in India is on average 64.60% lower than in the United States

The cost of living in India is very low compared to the west. Even in cities like Bangalore that focus on technology, the average salary of developers is significantly lower than in other countries in the world. There is a big difference in the amount if you take into account the cost of rent, travel, bonuses as well as health insurance. I definitely feel like I’m connected to the law foreign development agency can be very beneficial to your business. Usually the income will grow and the expenses will decrease, so your profits will skyrocket.

Pool of talent

India, the second most populous country in the world, has a large pool of young and technically sound trained professionals. India offers one of the largest talent pools in the world.

According to C SharpCorner,

By 2023, India will become the largest hub of software developers in the world

Most Indian developers are well equipped with the required CSAs and can help companies achieve their business goals. In fact, India will add about 110 million resources to its workforce in the next few decades.

India will surpass the number of US software developers by 2023

As India places considerable emphasis on English education and IT services, Indian developers are much more able to fill the talent scarcity. A company can benefit from a 5x talent pool and can choose from the group with quality offshoring.


The easy availability and abundance of dedicated resources enables India to brand better and faster if it offers a large and complex solution in time. These resources work on advanced solutions using the latest technologies. I would say: India leads the wagon of offshoring and outsourcing as it keeps abreast of the latest trends and technologies applied.

Reliability and high quality standards

High standing is another thing that is guaranteed when Offshoring takes place in India. International standards are maintained while the project is being worked on.

According to NASSCOM,

Over the next five years, 40% of India’s workforce They are expected to increase their skills to meet the advanced requirements

India is one of the countries with the most ISO-9000 certified enterprises, so the quality is never compromised. Therefore, offshore services in India offer a number of benefits where the quality of work has the highest priority.

More than 75% of the global CMM Level 5 certified enterprises are in India.

Recently it The National Outsourcing Association (NOA), revealed at the annual foreign outsourcing conference the reason why international companies choose India as their preferred destination,

Cost reduction was only part of the reason why companies considered outsourcing; there were advantages in the time-to-market-and-quality, which led to a saying that companies initially chose in India to save costs, but that it remained for the speed and quality!

In my experience working with the Indian companies, their resources are never compromised on quality. India is a reliable source abroad if you need quality results at a much lower price.

Easy communication

I consider good communication to be the foundation of any project. This is the key to initiating, maintaining and growing a positive relationship with any business. I would also like to add that communication guarantees the expected results and solved problems.

India is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world. In fact, it has more English speakers than the UK and US. Language is therefore not a barrier when it comes to communication. Indian developers are fluent in communication and it encourages large companies to offer foreign IT services in India. Employees are available on Skype, Hangouts and Teams for a personalized conversation according to the convenience of the business.

According to a survey, about 350 million people speak English in India. Therefore, a company’s offshoring trip in India can be comfortable. Indian Resources is proud of its reliable communication that promotes good connection with the rest of the world, so there are no barriers to connection.

Using the difference in time zone

The time differences between India and other countries can provide abundant opportunities to complete work earlier than predicted, leading to better efficiency, increased productivity and more time to work on other important responsibilities. In my opinion, therefore, India can easily serve 24/7 in different countries. Offshoring to India offers businesses an option to market time quickly due to differences between time zones.

The time zone difference makes India an excellent option for businesses that want to outsource various service-related options, such as 24X7 customer support and help desk services, as well as software development services.

Indian Government Support

IT is one of the top 5 industries in India. I would also like to add that the government has put in place a friendly policy to take maximum advantage of IT outsourcing / offshoring to India.

Because it is one of the largest sectors of the Indian economy, the IT sector provides employment to the majority of young workers in India. The government has provided several tax-related and other benefits by enacting the Information Technology Act. Government policies have helped improve infrastructure and communications systems, ranging from GDP growth, taxes, power, telecommunications, industrial parks to special zones.


In this technology-driven world, Indian foreign development centers have managed to meet demanding situations while managing tasks efficiently. Email, audio-video conferencing, chat support, project management tools, and so on, have contributed to the smoother collaboration of employees and businesses. In addition, some of the largest companies like Cognizant, Accenture, IBM, TCS, Dell, Infosys, TCS, Wipro have foreign development centers in India.


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