As TikTok continues to expand, it also wants to build on its features and offerings as a way to maximize its potential and offer more ways to establish a community in the app.

This week, TikTok added some new elements to the live options, including scheduled events that you can promote, live questions and answers, and a co-streaming option to enhance the experience.

First, on scheduled events – as you can see in the video above (via musician T-Pain), you can now create an event card for your upcoming stream, which you can then share on TikTok and other platforms.

Users can tap on the ‘Register’ CTA for a reminder in the app, which provides another way to raise awareness and interest in your upcoming streams, which would be ideal for brands considering the option.

Next are live guests, who will show you and your guest, like other platforms, in split screen mode in the live broadcast window.

TikTok live stream guest

Which is actually not new. All TikTok users with more than 1,000 followers (who are over 16) can stream live, while those with more than 5,000 followers can stream with guests in this mode for some time. It seems that TikTok is reducing this requirement, and that all users who are able to stream (i.e. those with 1k followers) can now add guests as well.

And lastly, the updated Q&A cover is on the screen, providing another way to deal with streamers in the app.

TikTok Live V&A

Live viewers have always been able to post questions via the comments, while the Q and A option has since been available on selected creator profiles. January this year. This new option combines the two, adding another streamer engagement option, which will improve the context for viewers, and focus the message questions more individually.

None of these are leading additions, but they do offer more capacity to use TikTok live streams within your process, which, as noted, may have specific benefits for brands considering new approaches to video engagement.

However, the next big stage for TikTok’s live streams is live stream shopping, as it were. experiment with over the past few months with several branding partners.

TikTok Walmart live stream

This can be a great attraction for brands that want to make contact with the growing TikTok audience, and send direct response in stream.

Ecommerce is a key focal point for the app as it works to promote the monetization tools, and eventually more brands will have the ability to offer their products within their live broadcasts, giving a huge edge to functionality will be.

It’s not there yet, but TikTok is improving its live stream options – and since we know this next phase is imminent, it’s probably worth testing the waters now and your TikTok audience to build with a to utilize this element.

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