With the rollout of the vaccine gaining momentum, and health-related topics becoming more focused among Facebook users, the platform today announced an update of its policy regarding the promotion of prescription drugs, and the qualifications required for brands to conduct such campaigns.

As explained by Facebook:

“We have long required online pharmacies to go through a certification process before we publish ads on Facebook. We are now proposing additional approval requirements for telecom healthcare providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and online pharmacies that want to promote prescription drugs on our platforms.”

As of August 25, telecom health providers and online pharmacies must now offer written certification from a third-party certification provider Code. Pharmaceutical manufacturers will also need to get Facebook approval in advance before offering ads that promote prescription drugs.

“Only pre-selected advertisers who fall into one of these three categories – online pharmacies, telegealth suppliers and pharmaceutical manufacturers – may promote these products and may only do so in the US, Canada or New Zealand. These ads may not be people under 18 years of age. “

Social distance regulations have seen an increase in the use of telecom health and online consultations, and therefore Facebook needs to update its policies in line with these shifts, to ensure that it protects users from possible harm or manipulation.

In addition, Facebook has also clarified its policy on the use of medical efficacy, accessibility and affordability within related promotions.

“Instead of a single advertising policy for a wide range of products, we will now have three different policies: the promotion of online pharmacies, the promotion of prescription drugs and the promotion of unsafe drugs.”

Facebook says it will be better for cases and cases with variable use, while also clearly stating distinction between the promotion of illicit drugs and other unsafe drugs, and the limited promotion of prescription drugs by approved advertisers.

This is a difficult area, but it’s clearly increasing, and because more people are seeking health advice and products, it’s important for Facebook to make sure it does not allow the promotion of misleading or harmful treatments.

You can read more about Facebook’s new rules regarding the promotion of prescription drugs here.

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