Instagram het launched a new test of a feature that enables users to post collaborative updates, both in the mainstream and in Reels tracks.

As you can see in these examples, with Instagram’s new ‘Collab’ option, posts with two profile bubbles appear, indicating that two people have collaborated with the content.

As explained by Instagram’s VP of product Vishal Shah:

Collaboration is a big part of the way people link on Instagram. To make it easier, we’re testing a new way people co – author Feed Feeds and Reels called Collab. You can now invite another account from the label screen to be a contributor to the post or role. If they accept it, both accounts will appear in the mail or header header and it will be shared to both followers. ‘

As Shah notes, collaborative posts will be shown to followers of both accounts, while also appearing in the photo schedules and profiles of both users. Each contributor also has access to the statistics of posts, and a single stream of comments will be available on each Collab update. This can be interesting if one person has blocked a user and the other has not, but it will undoubtedly result in any user being blocked by one of the two accounts not being able to see a Collab update.

This is an interesting experiment that may have particular value in maximizing engagement and increasing the reach of posts among a larger set of users. And while the focus is on individual creators, and facilitates personal connection, it can also be a valuable tool for influencers and brands, with the ability to collaborate with content that can then be displayed to both their audiences simultaneously.

Also, expect it to become a new ‘growth heel’ option, and people asking their followers to follow their friends via Collab updates as well.

But even with possible abuse considerations, it can be an interesting addition that can help strengthen Instagram’s community connection and keep users more in line with the app.

The new option is currently being tested with selected users in United Kingdom and India, with no official plans for an expansion yet.

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