YouTube will soon begin a new test of in-stream shopping in live streams, as part of the ongoing expansion of their creator monetization and e-commerce tools.

As explained by Google:

‘Like us announced Earlier this year, we beta-tested an integrated shopping experience that enables viewers to use the credibility and knowledge of trusted creators to make informed purchases on YouTube. This test was first available on video on demand, and we are now testing this experience in live streams with a handful of creators and brands. So if you watch a supported live stream on YouTube, you can browse and buy products without any interruption in real time. ‘

The option is similar to TikTok’s experiment with do live stream shopping, with the app working with Walmart on several live shopping shipments.

The process offers more ways to increase product discovery on YouTube – which is especially relevant if you consider it 33% dief buyers says they bought products they discovered on YouTube while watching ‘sell’ videos in the title increase by more than 400% the past year.

In the wider e-commerce change due to the pandemic, YouTube has indeed seen a huge increase in interest in product-related content. In response, the platform has already started testing e-commerce product lists among videos, and new AR Try Ads, although it also wants to take a more important step, with product labels in video clips, which can be added manually by creators, or finally, automatically detected through Google’s evolving image recognition systems.

It is part of a broader conversion of the app to an e-commerce machine, which allows viewers to buy any item they see in a video clip, right there and then when they watch, or the maker the items specifically marked or not.

YouTube has already taken a step in this by inserting videos into non-monetary content late last year, which in some ways could be a precursor to adding it to product labels in all cuts, based on object recognition.

This is really the next phase, where users will become increasingly accustomed to seeing and buying items in social apps, based on any content displayed (which is also part of the broader Facebook shopping link), which will see normal behavior change and shifted the expectations of platforms. as a result.

That’s why YouTube wants to come to the fore. And while live streaming shopping is only a small part of this, it’s another step towards the next level of e-commerce and social connectivity.

YouTube makes the new live stream shopping tools available to a small number of creators as part of this initial test.

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