Twitter is try out a new way to ensure that users are aware of account penalties, with new instructions displayed to some affected users when they open the application.

As you can see here, under this test you will get a new notification at the top of your timeline if your account is ever locked, locked, and it would be clear, so there are no sudden surprises when you go tweeting or accessing do not get your account features.

As explained by Twitter:

“Knowing where your account is is important. We’re testing a new way to notify you – just when you sign in. If your account is locked or suspended, some of you will see a banner that clearly states this. make.”

The additional transparency measures can help reduce confusion around such situations, while also being a reminder of how long a suspension will last, without you having to manually seek out the information. The commentators also provide a clear explanation of what each sentence means, while there is also a link to the process of filing an appeal for suspensions.

Twitter has worked to provide more transparency in its restraint and punishment enforcement processes, by providing more explanations about exactly what happened in each case, and what options users have in response to this.

Last November, Twitter added new declarers on Tweets that violate political, COVID-19, and synthetic and manipulated media rules, while also starting earlier this month share more information on certain tweets that have actually been checked, or otherwise expressed concern.

Twitter is also working on a new Security Center, which is available via the Twitter menu, and will give users a complete overview of all reports and strikes they currently have on their account.

Each measure joins Twitter’s broader effort to provide more transparency and help users understand its specific rules and processes to curb frustrations in such a process.

I mean, it probably won’t stop people getting annoyed about being blocked or suspended, but giving more information and more direct directions can help users have a better understanding of it and ensure that there is less confusion. is about what happened, and what their options might be.

It will not satisfy everyone, but more insight is generally better, and it can reduce anxiety in such a process and deter users from repeated violations.

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