Do you ask what people say about your brand, product or service, but in a more budget-friendly way? We have covered you with this free list 2021 for social media monitoring!

The market is flooded with social media tools. Since almost every one of them provides all-in-one services, some address more specific needs than others. Therefore, we have started to grow rapidly in the number of tools for monitoring, listening, reporting and analyzing social media, independent of the social media platforms.

There is no doubt that these tools, which serve different purposes, have recently been segmented as free, paid or open source. It is therefore possible to find the best digital marketing solutions for unique requests. One of these solutions is free social media monitoring tools.

Social media monitoring is an algorithm-based process that tracks keywords, calls, conversations, blogs, wikis, search engines, social media and other online platforms.

What do social media monitoring tools do?

Simply put, a social media monitoring tool focuses on collecting and analyzing all conversations about your brand via social networks. Most businesses, especially e-commerce store owners, use a monitoring tool to learn what the public perception of their businesses is. Once they have an idea of ​​their perception, they can take relevant actions to build strong relationships and also make them aware online.

While there are a large number of other benefits that social media monitoring tools can offer, some monitoring software may cost unreasonable amounts to take advantage of these benefits. That’s why we’ve put together the best social media monitoring tools to save you money!

Top 5 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

Before we get started, we would like to mention that there are numerous monitoring solutions in the market that offer paid services with free trial options. In this article you will find only the tools for monitoring social media that are available for free.

  • Mention
  • TweetDeck
  • BuzzSumo
  • Followerwonk
  • Google Alert

Download and take a closer look at this free monitoring equipment!

Mention is mostly for agencies and brands that want to monitor their activities and online conversations. With its user-friendly platform, you can stay up to date with what the audience is saying about your business or service. Since Mention offers you a real-time monitoring opportunity, you will always participate in the conversation. In the free plan you can only get 1 alert and 1,000 notifications, but you can always upgrade your plan to get more details.

Fortunately, Mention provides reporting and analytics capabilities to take a deeper look at your audience insights. With the segmented reporting system you can monitor search terms by language, source or date. Another point worth mentioning is being able to set up alarms for each marketing campaign based on various keywords related to your business.

TweetDeck is another handy Twitter account monitoring tool that provides an extensive dashboard for users, hashtags, topics, etc. To find. You can divide the dashboard into sections for your niche audience and competitors. This therefore makes it easier to see all the conversations taking place around you.

tweetdeck social media monitoring

If you sign in to your dashboard via your existing Twitter account, you can tweet or name someone on the platform. Since you can already track real-time online conversations with TweetDeck, what more could you want?

In fact, BuzzSumo is known as a content marketing software. Content creation, however, is mostly related to finding the best topic or competitor that performs well; discovering the most popular content in all social networks becomes easier with the help of the monitoring tools. Although BuzzSumo offers a free plan with limited access to the features, you can upgrade your package at any time.


BuzzSumo allows you to see the content when you mentioned your keyword in the first place. If one of your competitors also mentions the keyword, you will be notified via the platform. Thanks to the BuzzSumo dashboard, it saves all activities as a daily, monthly or annual report if you need it at any time.

If we create the best list for monitoring social media, it can not exist without mentioning Followerwonk. With the monitoring platform, you can search bios on Twitter to expand your network, analyze your audience preferences, and optimize your followers to give them what they like best.


Followerwonk digs deeper into your Twitter audience data of who your followers are, what topics they usually tweet and what time they are mostly based. The platform is mostly preferred for the search by the Twitter bios as mentioned above. The good thing is that the data that Followerwonk refreshes on a monthly basis is refreshing.

If you’re wondering which social media monitoring tool is the easiest to use, Google Alerts shines! You can simply enter the topics you want to monitor. Then let Google scan through the web and report back to you when and how many times it was mentioned.


You can even set alarms to know when your brand or product is called so you can always be on the go. Google Alerts also segments sources like blogs, news, forums, depending on your requests, usually by language, location, or date.

Last words

With all these free social media monitoring tools in mind, it would not be fair if we highlight only one monitoring solution. Since each business has its own unique needs, it is better to be better aware of your needs in the first place. Then you may be more inclined to choose the right one for your business.

If you do not want to rush between platforms to have more comprehensive knowledge, we have made it easy for you. Let’s look at the arrangement of the best social media marketing tools!

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