With Christmas now just 100 days away, Instagram today a new guide launched to help brands maximize their promotional efforts on the platform, specifically targeting the use of Instagram stores and other e-commerce features.

The new ‘Holiday Szn’ mini-website offers a range of tips on key promotional and e-commerce tools, with links to more in-depth reviews and explanations on each.

The guide also contains insights on usage and tips on elements such as product details, ads, store brands and more.

The main overview is quite short and indicates other areas for case studies and tips. But it can still help guide your marketing approach on Instagram, or warn you about elements you may not have considered. Like, say, product labels in Reels.

Holiday Season Guide on Instagram

Instagram is still working to promote Reels usage wherever it can, and is even testing a new Reels-specific element in hashtag search for some users (via @SMTSsocial).

Example of roles on Explore in Instagram

Given the focus, it may be worthwhile to test Reels for your promotions during the holiday season, and the guide provides specific tips on this, as well as marking products on all of the platform’s store surfaces.

Many of these reviews have been around for some time, but the guide brings them all together, making it easier to understand the different elements.

Instagram also includes some new explanations, including a Overview of 6 pages on the best practices of the product catalog.

Holiday Season Guide on Instagram

This is a handy collection of tips, and as noted, with the holiday season fast approaching, it may be worthwhile to take a look at what is on offer, and gain a better understanding of all the key e-commerce options you have right now. available in the app.

You can visit the mini-website ‘Holiday Szn’ on Instagram here.

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