After the in-app shopping features are extended to four more regions back in june, Pinterest now brings Pinterest shopping for even more users, with Austria, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland all have access to the option.

As you can see here, Pinterest’s in-app shopping options provide a direct link between Pin content and the purchase options of products, making it easier to sell Pinners from browse to purchase, directly from the app.

Shopping on Pins delivers great results for the business, as more people switch to online resources to browse and buy, and by having more brands list their products in Pins, it will help the platform expand its product catalog and maximize shopping activities .

Pinterest only then launched its shopping tools in the US expanded them to the UK in September last year. Eight months later, it made Pinterest go shopping Australia, Canada, France and Germany, with this latest announcement now having up to 13 regions with full access to the range of shopping malls on the platform.

Which is an important development. Pinterest is working to rename itself as a ‘discovery platform’ with a focus on craft products, which is essentially becoming a digital shopping mall, with evolving product experiences and promotional tools to help brands connect with potential customers and maximize interest.

With the e-commerce boom, Pinterest had a huge increase in usage last year slightly tempered in 2021. But it highlights where the platform is headed, and works in line with the growing trend to shop online by facilitating more interaction and spending in the app.

Brazil and Mexicoin particular, can provide significant opportunities in this area. Pinterest has opened new offices in both countries earlier this year, trying to capitalize on growing local interest and merge with emerging digital behaviors in new markets.

In fact, all of Pinterest’s user growth has come over the past year from outside the US, and as such, it makes sense for the platform to expand its features to more markets as it works to change user behavior and engagement.

Is it enough to help Pinterest counter potential losses if people go shopping in the store in the wake of the pandemic?

In sy most recent performance update, the platform reported a 125% in YoY revenue revenue, despite lower user numbers in the previous period.

Pinterest Q2 - income chart

Pinterest is therefore clearly targeting more shopping behavior and spending, which bodes well for its prospects, even if general usage takes a hit. It is also noteworthy that the vast majority of Pinterest’s revenue still comes from the US, and therefore has much greater growth potential in other areas, where it has stronger usage growth.

However, for individual brands, this provides another consideration in your marketing efforts, which can help get direct conversions out of the app.

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