Facebook is trying another way to increase positive contributions in groups, with a new feature called ‘Community Awards‘now in live tests.

According to this screenshot, posted by application researcher Radu Oncescu (and shared by Matt Navarra), Will enable Facebook’s community awards group administrators to give awards to ‘outstanding group comments’.

The new directions are also displayed under group posts.

Facebook Community Awards

The idea is that by rewarding more engaging, beneficial interactions, you can encourage individual users to communicate more frequently, while the awards will also highlight other group members what type of comments you want to see, which can help improve the overall interaction.

Facebook has tried similar brand engagement markers in the past, with ‘Top Fan’ and other types of badges to recognize important contributors.

Facebook Group Badges

Last year, Facebook also added a new one ‘Expert group’ designation, another way to highlight active members, while also providing a way to combat misinformation, by showing that this person is very knowledgeable in their specific field.

An example of a Facebook Group Expert badge

Community grants are consistent with both of these previous additions, and as Facebook works to make its app a more positive, welcoming environmentThis can be another tool to model ideal behaviors and reinforce in-app interactions.

This could be a bigger problem than it seems. As noted in the recent ‘Facebook files‘series out The Wall Street Journal, The social network has made various changes to address an overall decline in user activity, which according to some is due to the inherent divisions caused by political content in the app.

Facebook engagement data [chart]

Whether it’s perception or fact, the impact is largely the same – and since Facebook wants to stop the flow of users from the time it spends in its app, it’s made several changes to facilitate more positive discussions, while keeping the effects of anxiety limited. content causes.

This is what often drives engagement and achieves it — but if Facebook can use tools like Community Awards to re-align user behavior and return things to more positive interaction, it can help get things back on track.

If Facebook really wants to do that, of course. Another possible reason for the increase in divisions on Facebook is that it is indeed causing more engagement, which makes the numbers of Facebook look better and keeps its shareholders happy. It’s hard to know what really sets Zuck and Co’s approach in this regard, but it seems like Facebook is on an unsustainable path if it can not change things in a more positive light, while also showing the success of TikTok. to the demand for more joyful, entertaining content, free from accusations and deception.

Facebook has not shared its actual engagement data for some time regarding the time each user spends in the app, but based on new features like this, it is safe to assume that it is still working to address the noted declines to address.

We asked Facebook if there was any information about the test of the Community Awards available, and we will update this post as we hear.

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