Reddit wants to maximize its use in the UK with the launches new advertising campaign, while also revealing some new insights into UK usage trends, providing more context on where the app is seeing the biggest growth.

As explained by Reddit:

It’s been 12 months since Reddit was officially launched opened its doors in the UK, and we have many reasons to be proud of our achievements in this short time. From building our team on the ground and scaling up our local user base, to growing our active advertisers significantly, we have strengthened a significant presence in the country and just got started. “

As noted, Reddit opened his British office in September last year, as part of its larger effort to maximize advertising sales in more markets. Reddit has since opened offices in Australia and Canada it also offers a broader local presence, as it seeks to promote the various advertising offerings to a greater potential for potential advertising partners.

And the UK is an important part of this, because as Reddit notes, tthe region is home to the second largest user base, and is currently growing by 48% annually.

“Reddit users in the UK spend an average of 31 minutes a day on the platform, and like most of our users worldwide, our UK audience brings a wide range of passions and interests to the platform every day. Country-specific communities have experienced the fastest growth in membership since our launch, with r / askuk increases by + 97% and r / casualuk increases by + 36% to 861,000 members. ”

Reddit also notes that communities based on reality TV series have also increased among the British audience, while video games, life advice, news and travel are also popular among UK Reddit users.

To maximize its growing potential in the region, Reddit is launching its first ever local marketing campaign, with the “maybe together we will” push now active in London, appearing on tube stations, shopping malls and in street posts across various neighborhoods.

Reddit will also run the campaign on digital channels and OTT video, which will help raise awareness of the ongoing conversations in the app.

In terms of usage, it’s still a way away from the bigger players, but Reddit is rising, and with its pursuit of it remove some of its more controversial elementsand improves its moderation policy, it also works to better define itself as a more valuable consideration for brands, which makes it possible to facilitate exposure to niche, involved audiences, which, if used properly, can respond strongly liver.

On this front, Reddit also recently launched a new ad placement option, which allows brands to place their messages in the comments section of posts. While it may take users a while to adjust, the comment chains where Reddit sees the most engagement are what can make it a valuable opportunity for brand awareness.

And the numbers lie non-growth of 48% on an annual basis can not be overlooked. It’s not for every business, but it’s clear that Reddit is expanding into more regions, which may offer new opportunities, and may be worth experimenting with during the holidays, and in your 2022 planning.

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