Pinterest het announced a new partnership with the grocery giant Albertsons, who will see the platform work with Albertsons on new technology integrations, primarily to buy in-app purchases directly from Pin offers.

As explained by Pinterest:

‘A new multi-year agreement offers innovative AI and API technology to help shoppers plan inspired, fresh meals. The collaboration also takes advantage of Pinterest’s growing creator ecosystem, forward-looking trends and new formats such as Idea pens, Pinterest’s video format with more pages. ”

The main focus of the deal is that Pinterest facilitates new shopping options from Pins, including the ability to order recipe ingredients directly in a few taps. In addition, Pinterest is also developing new ‘interactive table cards’ that can show Pinners how to use ingredients for various recipes.

Albertsons is also collaborating with Pinterest on a new Pinterest Ambassador program, in which selected Albertsons staff will be trained as dedicated Pin creators:

Associates, many of whom have spent their professional lives with food, will inspire and engage customers using their store’s “fresh” food supply and Idea Pins-style Pinterest search trends. With this program, ACI staff can use Pinterest’s creative tools in an exclusive way to reflect their knowledge, inspiration and pride. ”

This will better emphasize Pinterest when shopping in-store, and create an integrated app that reconnects Albertsons stores to the social app.

Albertsons operates over 2,200 supermarkets in 34 states, with flagship brands such as Albertsons, Safeway, Randalls and United Supermarkets under its retail chain. Importantly, Albertsons also offers grocery delivery services in 11 of the top 15 U.S. markets, and with the recent rise of e-commerce due to the pandemic, this new integration with Pinterest could be even more valuable.

Pinterest has seen an increase in user activity – especially spending – during the pandemic, and recipes and pens have always been one of the most popular categories on the platform.

Factor in the subsequent increase in delivery services for meals, such as HelloFresh, and you can see where this partnership is headed, offering users more choice in their food delivery options, with the simplicity of the kit-eat approach.

Hello fresh growth

If Pinterest can now use this trend, it could become an even more important app for more users, and with 93% of the weekly food and beverage pins used by the platform to discover new products could make a great opportunity for Pinterest and brands possible.

It is a good integration, which makes a lot of sense, and can set the table for new ways of using, which can further mix online and offline behavior.

And if Pinterest can become the shopping app for more people, it could be of great value to the business.

There are many elements that go along with this integration, and if Pinterest succeeds, all CPG brands should pay attention.

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