After starting an initial test of the option with selected users back in may, Twitter now takes the next step with the pressure on the monetization of the creator, by creating on-profile tilt available to all users.

As explained by Twitter:

Whether you want to tip your favorite account because you like their comments, send a love to an emerging comedy creator for their hilarious tweets, help a small business owner in a difficult time, an important reason give – whatever you want to support (and we know you already have some ideas); tips are here to help you. “

As it sounds, tweet allows Twitter users to activate a tip jar button on their profile, which then facilitates direct donations from profile visitors in the app.

Twitter tips

Supported payment providers include Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon and Razorpay, which offer people a variety of options to transfer money through the app to others.

And Twitter is also adding some new payment options GoFundMe and PicPay now also included as considerations for direct tweet donations.

But the bigger announcement on this front is the addition of Bitcoin tips, with users also now able to add their Bitcoin address or their Strike account to their payment options.

Twitter tips

Given Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey affinity for bitcoin, the addition makes sense, while also helping to further adapt the platform to crypto payment services, making Twitter tips a bigger option in this regard.

But maybe that’s not the case either – because the results we’ve seen so far from Twitter’s experiments and updates have not exactly changed the perception of the app or the way people use tweets.

Twitter’s improved development focus has offered many new options in recent months, but they have seen limited usage results, with the tools for generating revenue, such as Super follow and Tickets with spaces could not yet get significant traction.

But it’s early, and Twitter’s tools can still hold on, and it can indeed help Twitter generate more use by encouraging the app’s most popular creators to share more frequently and broadcast exclusive broadcasts to their Twitter audience sow.

But there seem to be some inherent challenges here. The biggest hurdle is the fact that people have always had free access to tweets, so the idea that they might have to pay for extras is a bit shocking – and as noted, it seems like people are not willing to cash in on any of these functions as it is.

Last week, TechCrunch reports that only .005% of Twitter’s US users have signed up for its new Super Follow feature, which allows creators to charge a monthly fee for exclusive content. This is at least partly down to what the creators themselves offer, but it also suggests that there may be a steep hill to change user behavior to pay for the content in the app.

What do you offer that is worth extra money? Of course, Twitter’s Revue integration enables writers to provide newsletter content to their paying audience, but are people out there really going to pay for exclusive tweets? What can you offer in a tweet that will make it worthwhile — and with Twitter’s focus on real-time news updates, creators want to limit the audience to their exclusive announcements, if they can get a much bigger response by posting in public ?

It seems that Twitter’s use case and the Super Follows option do not really match, which in turn means that users need to be retrained to maximize this alternative use behavior.

The dump is largely the same way. Maybe some of your biggest fans would like to donate, but you do not think many Twitter users can draw significant money from donations.

Charitable activities could be an alternative use case that could gain traction, while the addition of cryptocurrencies could add another element to the equation, riding on the Bitcoin-hype train – and perhaps that aspect alone could yield greater adoption.

We’ll find out soon, with tips available in everyone’s Twitter account settings, starting with iOS users and then expanding to Android over the coming weeks.

You can find more information on how to activate tips on your profile here.

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