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You’ve seen them before. Confusing and frustrating design patterns that seem to drive you everywhere, from one website to another. It’s time to fix them forever in a free smashing online workshop Next week.

Buttons disabled. Infinite scroll. Poor inline validation. Parallax. Carousels. Modal. Mega drop-down menu. There is a lot of frustration on the internet. Let’s fix it. Join us for a free online workshop on frustrating design patterns on Monday 27 September at 09:00 PDT / 18:00 CET.

In the 2.5 hours live session we look at some of the confusing and annoying patterns and look at better alternatives, along with lots of examples and checklists to keep in mind when building or designing one. You will walk away with a toolbox with techniques and examples of doing well – in your product, website, desktop app or mobile app.

We look at carousels, models, infinite scrolling, parallax and scrolljacking, mega menus, disabled buttons, inline validation, frozen filters, CAPTCHA, authentication and privacy. Register for the free workshop.

Free online workshop on Frustrating design patterns in 2021 and how to fix them.

1 x 2.5 hour live sessions + V&A. Mon, 27 Sep.
With as video recordings & chips. Get a free ticket.

Upcoming live workshops (Sep -Nov 2021)

We also have many other online workshops coming in the coming months (some of them with early bird prices!). It goes without saying that we would like to see you there.

A taste

We have already written how we present online workshops at Smashing, and for this one we expect engaged discussions and participation. Here’s a quick taste of what an online workshop usually looks like:

Free Encounter: Smashing Meets (30 Sep)

If you can not get to the workshops, you can do so join our upcoming Smashing Meets Next week. This is our online meeting for amazing, crushing people like you — and this time focused everywhere web performance. We are pleased to host Tammy Everts, Addy Osmani and Robin Marx, who talk about the culture of web performance, image optimization and HTTP / 3.

Smashing Meets

Join Smashing Meets, an online meeting around web performance. 30 September 2021.

Online meeting. 30 September, 09:00 PDT, 18:00 CET.
With as video recordings & chips. Get a free ticket.

See you then!

Thank you so much for your continued and ongoing support, everyone! And we hope to see you soon – online or offline! ❤️

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