PITTSBURGH, Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Award-winning marketing agency Sparq Designs has elevated the cannabis game by helping new craft brands blossom in California.

The partnerships have delivered big-time, with national awards rolling in for one of Los Angeles’ newest craft cannabis companies. In 2019, Sparq partnered with Stay Elevated, a craft cannabis company that focuses on its consumers’ lifestyles. The brand launched in 2020 and success came quickly.

“This was an opportunity for Sparq to enter into a space that valued our strategy, creativity and fresh eyes,” said Nick Brucker, CEO and founder of Sparq Designs. “Building brands is a natural fit for our team, and cannabis is a space where we believe we can make a great impact.”

Sparq won gold in package design at the 2021 Indigo Awards after creating creative packaging for Stay Elevated’s flower, pre-roll and theme packs. With the theme of encouraging consumers to “elevate their everyday,” the packaging was unique both to…

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