In the world of HR, the more tech-savvy are likely to conduct a few Google or LinkedIn searches of shortlisted candidates, in an attempt to get more insight into their experience, skillset and even their character.

What many might not be aware of is that this constitutes OSINT investigation methodology that can be taught and honed further, as well as automated and fine-tuned using specialised tools – to return an even bigger wealth of information to inform hiring-related decision-making.

There are many more tools than just these two as well, and learning about them can give an HR professional the edge over the competition when it comes to background checks and evaluating the potential of a candidate.

What is OSINT?

The acronym OSINT stands for Open Source Intelligence. This refers to open, overt sources rather than open-source software. Essentially, OSINT tools allow HR professionals to source valuable information about someone’s prior employment, academic background, status in the…

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