LONDON, Oct 14 (Reuters) – Russia’s biggest internet company dispatched its yellow-shirted moped riders to deliver groceries across London on Thursday, the latest newcomer to launch in a crowded sector that is forcing Britain’s traditional groceries to revamp their business models.

Yango Deli, run by the Russian tech giant Yandex, is opening four London “dark stores” – shops closed to customers, where workers prepare orders for delivery – putting 1.4 million potential customers in range.

At one of its new stores, in an arch under a brick railway viaduct in Battersea, South London, a fleet of bright yellow mopeds and bikes was parked outside for couriers.

Nasdaq-listed Yandex is Russia’s most popular independent internet search engine and largest ride-hailing provider. The “Russian Google” is comparatively little known outside its home market, but says its experience delivering groceries from around 400 dark stores at home and from new ventures in Israel and France will give it a…

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