Peter Norvig, a 20-year Google vet, Google R&D director and former director of search quality at Google, is scaling back from his Google work to join Stanford’s Human-Centered AI Institute as a Distinguished Education Fellow.

I wrote about this news the other day on Search Engine Land and explained there that he is still affiliated with Google but will be spending most of his time at Stanford going forward.

The announcement came from Stanford that wrote:

Artificial intelligence expert Peter Norvig is joining the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI this fall as a Distinguished Education Fellow, with the task of developing tools and materials to explain the key concepts of artificial intelligence.

Norvig helped launch and build AI at organizations considered innovators in the field: As Google’s director of research, he oversaw the tech giant’s search algorithms and built the teams that focused on machine translation, speech recognition, and computer vision. At NASA Ames, his…

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