COLUMBUS — The village of Chickasaw in Mercer County will receive a $750,000 Neighborhood Revitalization grant to help with deteriorating roads and sidewalks, as well as failing water facilities and storm sewers. The grant will help repair 6,800 linear feet of roadway, install two traffic control signs, replace 750 linear feet of sidewalk, 600 linear feet of curb, and 33 curb-cuts with ADA ramps. The grant will also help install 2,450 linear feet of storm sewers, with 21 catch basins and three manholes, and replace 4,700 linear feet of water lines, 18 water valves, and five fire hydrants.

Communities across Ohio, like the village of Chickasaw, will be receiving grants to fund sidewalks, bridges, water and wastewater infrastructure, and public facility improvements. In total, the Ohio Department of Development awarded more than $6 million in grants to 13 communities through its Community Development Critical Infrastructure program.

“Investments in our communities are a key to…

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