ST. LOUIS – The holiday shopping season is here and there are a few apps out there that may help you to save on that perfect gift.

Scott Schaffer with Blade Technologies suggests some apps that will do the hard work for you. Some apps will keep track of your spending, others will send you price alerts, and others will find you coupon codes.

Here are some to consider:

  • Santa’s Bag (iOS)- this is an app that helps you create a Christmas Gift List and make a budget
  • Microsoft Shopping browser extension – It is only on PCs using the Microsoft Edge. If you are browsing a shop and decide to buy it a shopping assistant pops up. The assistant will look for a coupon code or will search to find if the item is cheaper on another site.
  • Honey browser extension – This is similar to the Microsoft Shopping browser extension but it can be used on other browsers.
  • This will let you set up pricing alerts. It is also a clearing house for different deals.

Schaffer also have some…

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