Local news media, including the NZ Herald, Stuff, The Spinoff and the Otago Daily Times, is seeking Commerce Commission approval to collectively bargain with Facebook and Google. The Spinoff founder Duncan Greive explains why.


Over the past two decades, technology has transformed the global economy and our lives, bringing huge changes that have both profoundly positive and highly destabilising impacts.

We can communicate with friends and whānau around the world instantly, set up and promote businesses and causes easily and have access to an enormous amount of information and culture, all at very low cost – often for free.

At the same time we’ve seen divided communities, online environments that have produced unspeakable hate crimes and had the rollout of a life-saving vaccine badly stymied by misinformation.

At the centre of all this are two businesses unlike any the world has ever known: Google and Facebook. Together they own and rule vast chunks of the internet, with a…

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