GOOGLE Ireland has made a 345.2m settlement with the Revenue Commissioners, but still managed to pay a 3bn dividend to its parent company during 2021.

The internet giant revealed the payments in newly-filed accounts for the Irish arm of US group.

The settlement with Revenue relates to corporation tax, the company notes in the accounts for the 12 months to the end of last year.

“Subsequent to year-end, the company agreed to the resolution of certain tax matters relating to prior years,” the accounts state. “This tax liability and associated interest are recognised in the current financial year.”

Of the settlement, 218.1m was for historic corporation tax adjustments, while the company also paid 127.2m in associated interest to the Revenue Commissioners.

Google Ireland’s total tax charge for 2020 was 622.3m, note the accounts, which was up from 263.3m in 2019.

Google Ireland is a wholly owned subsidiary of Google Europe, Middle East and Africa Unlimited, whose ultimate parent…

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