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William Pitt, the elder, as any good American student of history might tell you, was a Englishman popular in America because he supported the American fight against taxation without representation.

More than 255 years after his Jan. 14, 1766, speech against the Stamp Act, a copper medal honoring him is offered at auction.

The medal is by no means rare, but its existence as an object of interest in both British and American numismatic circles is notable.

The Repeal of the Stamp Act medal is part of Dix Noonan Webb’s Dec. 1 and 2 auction, offered the second day of the sale.

Designed by Thomas Pingo, a famous name in British numismatics, it shows a bust of Pitt on the obverse, facing left, his given name in Latin (GVLIELMVS).

The reverse carries the famous legend in seven lines reading: THE MAN WHO HAVING SAVED THE PARENT PLEADED WITH SUCCESS FOR HER CHILDREN.

The legend is a reference, of course, to his service to the crown in Parliament and other roles, as well as,…

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