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The greatest shift of workers since Britain’s industrial revolution has resulted in a remarkable and prolonged transference of personnel from their workplaces and into the home. This unprecedented and largely voluntary movement is unlikely to be reversed anytime soon as working from home (WFH) has become the nation’s employment norm.

Padding around the home in t-shirt and shorts has presented millions of WFH workers with an opportunity to spend more time in their kitchens where they’ve been able to take advantage of an astonishing variety of items designed to make life easier – stuff we take for granted. Yet where would any of us be without an electric kettle, a fridge, cling film, a wine cooler or a toaster?

Nor is our appetite for convenience limited to the kitchen.

I am old enough to recall changing channels by hand on a black-and-white television set (not an arduous task as the nation boasted only two broadcasters, ITV and BBC). Nowadays, we…

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