Here’s what I’m calling “super shorts” – starting with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. Everyone by now realizes the governor is betting his political career on the assumption that there will be no blackouts this winter. “I can guarantee the lights will stay on,” Abbott told Fox 7 in Austin last week.

It’s $10 billion now. While I was on vacation the Texas Railroad Commission voted to approve raising $3.4 billion in bonds to pay gas companies in a bailout because of the February freezeout. Add the $6.5 billion in bonds the (public) Utility Commission approved for electricity companies. That’s $9.9 billion. Who’s paying it back? Look in the mirror.

The post freezeout money games played by state leaders reminds me of the Journalists’ Prayer (yes, there is one) that seeks to give my colleagues strength to expose “the half-truth which deceives and the slanted word which corrupts.” Amen.

Whatever happened to the $10 million super fountain that was supposed to open this month at Klyde Warren…

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